About Us

About us

We embarked our journey in the year 2013 as an IT Consulting firm with diligent team members and optimum resources. It was initiated for providing IT services to companies and enterprises for creating brand awareness of their product or service.

And today, we have strong and enlarged working force that has assisted hundreds of companies for accomplishing their future goals and to build their identity in the market. We helped them implementing the appropriate strategies and in profit maximization through our well – versed team of digital marketing.

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    Aug, 2013
    Foundation of the Company

    In the year 2013, our company UnibizTec came into existence. Initially, we were a small team, but with continuous efforts and our fine sense of the online market, we commenced our journey as a Digital Marketing Agency.

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    May, 2014

    The foremost motto of our company is to aspire for something new every day and to come out with some exclusive strategies and ideas in the realm of digital marketing. Due to this, our team of passionate professionals introduced UnibizTec as a big competition in the online market.

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    Nov, 2015

    In the year 2015, UnibizTec earned its wings in providing the digital marketing services to their clients. And witnessed the immense increase in the success rate and in the profit maximization.

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    Dec, 2017

    In the year 2017, we had a great team of well - versed people in digital marketing. We have worked with approximately 100+ clients till now and delivered them the fruitful results and the everlasting impact of UnibizTec.

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    Sep, 2018

    In the year 2018, we are known to be as the experts of Digital marketing with the great hands - on SEO, SMO, PPC, Website design and development along with the expansion of the service of mobile application (android/ ios) development.

We Work for Your Profit

We help you in profit maximization through implementing all the online marketing approaches that derive great revenues for businesses.

Work Together

Digital marketing deals with many complex techniques. So, a helping hand is always worth it. Join with us get an amazing service from our side.

Road to Success

Join with our company and get various digital marketing benefits like the larger audience on your website, improved conversion rates and much more.

Platform For Your Passion

Our company is a reliable platform to increase the market value of your website. We strategize various SEO techniques and apply them to take a website in the top rank, in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).
Excellent Support
Excellent Support
Our well-integrated team of employees utilizes the best resources available to give our customers a satisfying service experience and also unlimited assistance for all their needs.
Awesome Team
Awesome Team
The brains behind the company consist of well-versed and qualified employees assisted by senior executives with years of experience, who work hard to take care of your requirements.
Faster Performance
Faster Performance
We understand the importance of getting work done on time. So we utilize good time management skills to accomplish more in a lesser amount of time.

Our Vision

UnibizTec was established with the vision to work with advanced and progressive techniques in digital marketing for building the online brand reputation of their clients. We aim at transforming your business in such a way that your audience can get a better web experience through unexpected digital marketing twist and turns.