Call Center Services

Answering Customer Support

When you work with UNIbizTEC rest assured that not even a single call of your customers will ever go overlooked. It’s been 4 years since UNIbizTEC has been offering unparalleled 24 hour call centers services to our esteemed clients. We let you to manage your business while we answer your customer’s calls abruptly. UNIbizTEC offers reasonable outsourced service at our high-tech and modern call centers. We respond to your all call at after hours punctually and take comprehensive messages during each call. We track documentation of every call that can be simply retrieved at any time. We cautiously instruct our agents and apply the most recent software and security methods to defend your private information while serving you and managing your calls 24/7.
Response Call Center Services
We offer a tailored solution for managing your operation. We make use of our widespread knowledge to amplify your revenue by increasing sales from your inbound calls using our state-of-the-art direct response call centers and mail centers additionally to our committed project managers and submissive staff. Our direct response services comprise TV, radio, and print (such as mail order catalogs) additionally with online services. Furthermore, we offer lead qualification and lead generation services for our esteemed clients.
Sales Support Services
Since 2013, we have been offering innovative sales marketing solutions for our business clients and we use promising and new technologies and strategies to prepare our employees for each campaign that we handle. We reassure you that our team is well-informed about your products and services. We offer the best environment for your customers – one that wins their business and results in a elevated sale conversion rate for your business.
Live Chat Support Services
Live chat support is the name of the sport in aggressive promotion nowadays. Calling customers in this digital age is a thing of past. Your customers are significantly shifting from how they shop, communicate, and do business and. If you want to stay in touch with your customer base, you require a support team to aid you handling your customers’ requirements. With the services, platform, and tools on hand with UNIbizTEC , a support system can be set up by you that keeps you involved with your customers and aid you to fulfill their needs rapidly and efficiently.
Help Desk Services
Help desk software lets you exchange a few words with your customers in actual time and reply their questions. When you work with UNIbizTEC , we apply the help desk software exceptionally to boost your sales, develop customer satisfaction, decrease neglected sales and deliver outstanding customer service. We offer outstanding help desk support for your goods and services and efficiently correspond with your employees and customers. Our agents examine your customers’ requirements and fix their problems promptly. We make use of our access to the complete information base of both UNIbizTEC and your databases to distribute exceptional outcome as your help desk call center.
Virtual Assistant Services
You might be experiencing the predicament of having a lot to do and not having sufficient time or man power to get it complete. Such situations have caused a rising demand for virtual assistant services. A virtual assistant assist you and your team to manage some of your paperwork, organization, office work, and out of sight aspects of your company. A virtual receptionist lets you to focus on increasing your business. If you need a virtual assistance for your business, then you have come to correct place. Our virtual assistants provide outstanding office services to our clients.

Why Hire UNIbizTEC for Your Call Answering Service?

Our award winning call center has been serving our clients run their after hours calls for more than a decade. We vigilantly select every agent that we educate from a team of greatly skilled college graduates. We have agents who are fluent in English with a minimum accent. We also incorporate current teaching to help keep our agents shoulder to shoulder of American culture, accents and the degree of your customers. Using an dynamic listening method with recorded calls, we are capable to promise a high degree of precision and detail for our clients.