Order Taking Services

Order Taking service

The modern-day customers wish to shop when the occasion is correct for them. With a extreme boost in the e-commerce business, customers place orders online or over the phone without going to the shopping mall. By making sure that an efficient inbound order taking service is in place, your business can take benefits of each sales opportunity that comes. With UNIbizTEC order taking call centers, your business will never overlook a opening to earn a customer’s sale once more

Confronting Common Order Taking Challenges

Customers insist quality from the companies that they do business with. If a business is not quick to respond to potential customers, the company might fail to spot out on the possibility to earn sales and the future business of their possible customers. Our order taking services team comprises of practiced and expert, trained representatives who offer pleasant and timely responses to your customers’ entire question. We purposely allocate and educate employees for each campaign, thus assuring that our employees become exceptional representatives of your brand name.

The Tools for a flourishing Campaign

We offer our recruits with the personal tools, technology and training to make sure that your sales goals are exceeded with each campaign. Our committed and locally located project managers supply thorough weekly reports that contain your campaign metrics. In addition, we offer consulting on the subject of business approach to increase your sales and increase your return on investment (ROI) in every order taking campaign.

Mastering Your Brand

Inbound order taking need that all customer inquiries are quickly addressed with well-informed responses that boost sales and conversions. We master your brand and concept so that we can answer everything related to your products. Our employees undertake thorough education to promise that they are capable in your brand, products and services. We provide a high up-sell, cross-sell and an outstanding conversion rate for your company.

Active Listening

Our practice has educated us that customers wish the active listening formula. We prepare our representative to keenly pay attention, educate, reassure and communicate with your potential customers. We have found that our active listening way make sure that the customers by no means experience like they are being sold something. As an alternative, they are reassured of their choice to construct the sale. This means a soaring satisfaction rate for your customers and a low reimbursement rate for your company.

High Conversion Order Taking Services

Using our state-of-the-art infrastructure and our years of experience, our call centers promises a high conversion rate on your inbound orders. A sturdy focus on customer support, familiarity with your brand, products and services, and verified up-sell and cross-sell methods let us to deliver the maximum conversion rates.

Features of our reasonably priced Inbound Order Taking Services

We know that sales campaigns can adjusted so, our inbound order taking call center adapts to your new offerings and integrate them promptly to increase the return of your campaign. For past 4 years, we have helped our clients take pleasure in improved conversion rates with numerous product and service sets while offering our services through different industries.

Flexibility with Your Campaign

  • Suppleness with your campaign – we will update your order taking services with fresh products and services on a moment notice.
  • We make sure a high conversion rate.
  • We rely upon promising and innovative technologies to safe serious information while making sure streamlined order taking process.
  • UNIbizTEC offers the essential training and tools to make sure that our employees are brilliant representatives of your company’s brand.
  • Our representative speaks fluent English with composed voices. We proffer call recordings for your review.
  • We carry out our strict quality assurance policies so that our agents stand for your brand precisely the way that you want your brand represented.
  • Qualified representatives with wonderful track records of up-sell, cross-sell and conversions who are taught to carry out the top results.
  • We make use of an active listening method based upon educating customers and comforting them to help amplified sale volumes.
  • 24-hour throughout the year, 99% uptime promise.
  • We offer thorough weekly reports with constant monitoring of campaign metrics and performance.
  • We allocate devoted project managers to each account.
  • Suppleness with your billing and no concealed charges.
  • Over 4 years of experience of offering call center services.
To discover additional information about how UNIbizTEC can help you amplify your conversions and make your inbound order taking campaign more flourishing, so contact us today and take your business to a new height.