What is a location page?

The City and Service area pages are other names used for the Location page. They surely perform as an asset for your business's SEO service growth as they consist of all of your business's prime informative details, which are quite valuable for the customers and search engines as it improves the ranking on SERPs. These specific details include mainly NAP: 
    • Name
    • Permanent address
    • Phone Number
    • Directions to the office
    • Service you are offerings
    • Business or working hours

The components of the landing page remain undifferentiated no matter what type of business you possess, but the approach may differ. 

With the inclusion of the location pages, Customers all have in their hands, making it easy for them to know about the business surroundings through the deployment of Landing pages. Most of the components of the location pages act as a factor that can ascend your ranking in the local-specific search results. 

A Descriptive Guide to Perform Location Page SEO

Some prime factors will be listed here, which may be the pillars you need to catch up to your competitors. Each point in this list is so crucial that implying it in your local SEO strategy will surely boost your growth. It can make you stand in the market while making your position more rigid. It can improve your user interface, and the search engine reacts rapidly due to a large amount of information. It will index your location page and promote your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

You are permitted to skip the point which you think is not useful or will work out for you. 

1. Make use of Location-specific keywords.
2. Use location-specific content.
3. Add up some customer reviews.
4. Incorporate Business hours.
5. Infuse relevant and crucial internal and external links.
6. Filled the accurate NAP details.
7. Share your location with a landmark and directions.
8. Paste some Nearby location images.

1. Make use of Location-Specific Keywords

Stuffing some location-specific keywords in your entire content will directly affect your business progress, and it should be used in the title, meta descriptions, and subheadings. A search engine will understand that your location pages are linked to a specific location. 
If you have a SAB (Service Area Business) location, include it; otherwise, include your service areas throughout the content to receive the maximum results. 

2. Use Location-Specific Content

Location-specific content is crucial for your content on the location pages. In case you have multiple locations, the best way is to avoid copying the content as it results in failure of the Index and will surely hamper your local SEO. 

Rather, include some location-specific keywords after doing some research which will make it different and unique, automatically ranking higher. USP (unique selling proposition), service areas, nearby locations, and services you provide are some relevant things that can be added. 

3. Add up Some Customer Reviews

On Google, Customer reviews play an important role, which proved to be one of the major factors for local SEO results. Positive reviews bring trust, credibility, and reputation among your future customers. On the contrary, negative reviews are a drawback that takes away all the business. It is suggested to create a strategy to gather more positive customer reviews. 

So, you can use any "review-building app" to add some of the customer reviews on your location pages.
4. Incorporate Business Hours

It is so disappointing from a customer's viewpoint when they are looking for your business hours and can't find it. And at some other time, they find it closed when they reach your office or workplace. So to improve the quality and the user interface or experience, make sure to add the business hours on your location pages accurately. 

5. Infuse Relevant and Crucial Internal and External Links

Adding some internal and external links is a must-step to implement. It can be a huge opportunity to showcase some of the additional resources that you own, and it will attract many users to your business. Internal links on a location page can be linked to any of the services you are providing and to the "About Us" page of the business to enable awareness of your services among the users. On the other hand, External links can be attached to your business's social media profile or to the listing directory that promotes you or 

6. Filled the Accurate NAP Details

The first basic step is adding your NAP details on the landing pages to enhance local SEO. NAP means name, address, and phone number, which has a decisive role in geo-specific searches as Google prefers the NAP for optimizing the business rank. It has to be in mind that your NAP details are updated and fed down accurately so that no error would exist. 

7. Share your Location with a Landmark and Directions

Likewise, adding business hours is mandatory. It is also necessary to add the location of the workstation and the steps to reach that place. It makes it easy for customers to find your business. Enlisting the nearby local areas and famous landmarks makes it effortless for the users to find you to attain any of your services.
Adding up your business location can be an alternative to the Google map extension. Only by clicking on that map, people can easily find out the directions for your workplace.

8. Paste Some Nearby Location Images

Including images and videos on a landing page can give all the users a glance at your business, as visuals always leave a better impression rather than written content. It makes all the users familiar with your business so they can build a sense of trust in you. Images and videos are pictures of outer space, nearby buildings or landmarks, and some of the company's services and products.

For local SEO and to Grab a Higher Ranking, Make Sure to Utilize those Images and Videos for the SEO also. 

Summing up

Several factors exist that directly or indirectly affect the location pages, mainly when you have multiple work locations or service areas. Undoubtedly, using all the factors highlighted here will boost your growth and progress on the local search engine results pages (SERPs). It also indicates that you are on the right path to enhancing your business.