PPC is known as Pay per click, it is designed basically for internet marketing. It is basically a paid version, in which the creators of the ad have to pay a certain amount each time their advertisement has been clicked. It helps the advertisers grow their business, as every time an individual has clicked on the ad, the concerned is taken to the advertiser’s website and brings in more views. There are various factors which decide the profit and loss algorithm for the concerned who has designed the ad. The amount that needs to be cut while every click is decided by the search engine on which the advertisement has campaigned. It is known as pay per click because for every click, a certain amount of money is withdrawn from the campaigner’s account. The amount is only deducted if someone has clicked on that particular link. If a user has bid a certain amount in the campaign and the concerned get no click for that particular time, then the money remains as it is. There are certain factors which stay crucial for pay per click advertising and which also caters towards whether the campaign will appear on the top 3 sites or first page of a search engine or not. The factors are given and explained in brief in the order of preference and the way PPC works to bring maximum leads.


  • Use of appropriate Keywords– The keywords play a major role in creating maximum revenues and leads in the PPC campaign. The advertisers should lay optimum focus that the keyword which they have mentioned should be appropriate and relevant to the content or the product displayed in the ad. Any irrelevant keyword which can distract a user should be totally obliterated. This often generates the interest of the users and can be used to gain maximum visits to the campaigner’s website. The keywords should be exact and should not be generalised.
  • Optimizing the Quality score Quality score of the website is basically ranked from the range 1-10. The Quality score is optimised by the Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo etc. on which your campaign runs. The score is usually decided based on the landing page and the advertisement quality which is usually reached by clicking on the keyword. If all of them are in sync and there is something useful for the users while clicking on the ad, then the quality score is higher.
  • The ad copy, landing copy, and keywords should all be in sync-Just imagine for a while that you are searching for ‘touch screen tablets’ on the search engine and when you click on a particular advertisement to look for that product, you are taken to a website which shows very little relevance to your search. Won’t you be compelled to come back and search on other websites as that particular page will have served no purpose for you? So to get maximum profits by your ads and PPC campaign, one should make sure that the keywords, ad copy, and the landing page are created in a sync. The concerned should get what exactly they want so that they are not targeted back to another website.
  • Focus on building the landing pages that are designed to convert– A landing page can be seen as a separate web-page that is designed specifically for generating leads into marketing campaigns. A landing page is created separately to give the customers a chance to contact the concerned service or information about the product. The page is designed in such a way that the person can get the entire information about the product or the service that the company is campaigning about. The pages should be designed in such a way that they can open on the desktop, laptops, iPad, and smartphones of each and every size. The design should not be fixed for all the platforms and should be designed as per the layout of the device.
  • For maximum reach, adjust bids based on location, devices, day and time- The ad campaigner also has the opportunity to adjust the bids. They can choose when they want to run a campaign on the Search Engine, can even optimize the time and location. Sometimes, the concerned feel that a particular day and a stipulated amount of time can get them the highest views and bids, so they adjust the click according to that. They can also choose a time when they do not wish to show the ad on any device at all. They also have an option of customising them on different devices and reaching out for the options of showing them on the device and not on another.
  • Creatively Optimize for Mobile Platforms- The landing pages should never have the same layout for all the devices. Every device has a different screen size and display screens. And the fact cannot be denied that people check their smartphones every 1 hour. So the makers should keep in mind that they design the landing page and the display ad as per the mobile platforms too. The content should be crisp and attractive and must also give the opportunity to the onlookers to access all the information they desire and that too easily.
  • Use the strategy of re-marketing and segmented lists You should always use this strategy to attract more customers. You can display the ads on different marketing platforms, can provide ads on the websites which get more traffic.
  • Split test everything and never stop One of the golden rules of getting maximum leads on the ads created is that one should never stop experimenting. Everything that has been done needs to be tested on the digital platform and new and creative ideas should be applied every now and then. The page should not be left static.

By keeping these ideas and tips in mind about the pay per click management service, you can help generate a maximum number of leads on the product, service you are catering too and can also increase the traffic rate, thus making your campaign appear on the top pages.