Instagram is a widely used social media platform that has users spanning across the world. The purpose of Instagram goes beyond the fun element of seeking attention from the regular posting of photos, liking, sharing and commenting on numerous profiles. Most business profiles use Instagram to boost their brand value, get sales and conversions.
Using infographics, video, images, promotions, and more useful tools will bring interactions to your instagram profile, leading to increased traffic to your website. Here we are about to reveal secret hacks for using Instagram to direct traffic to your website. Find out the hacks below:

1- Use relevant hashtags
Instagram users follow their preferred hashtags to search for desired results. Using the right hashtags will bring new followers to your account who don’t follow your profile. Interested users might start following your account after they find a specific post attractive using the related hashtags.
You can use Tailwind, Social Info, and Keyhole to look for your posts’ most relevant hashtags.

2Sharing Quotes
If you are a regular Instagram user, you must be aware that people love reading and sharing quotes on this platform. They like and save those quotes. It helps in boosting engagement, interaction and might get you potential conversions.
Users can try to leverage Pinterest to find quotes that match your product or industry. You’d discover quotes on nearly every topic and try free tools like Canva to add quotes to the preferred images.

3- Customize your Instagram bio
The first thing people notice when they visit your profile is your Instagram bio. Make sure you write an attractive one to lure visitors directly to your profile and lead your website. Your bio is a place to talk about your brand and make your profile discoverable with the help of primary keywords. You can try adding the primary keyword to your profile name. For instance, if you are an influencer, mention ‘Instagram Influencer’ along with your profile name.
Your Instagram profile should speak volumes about your brand. Make it interesting enough for users to scroll down and follow your page. Alternatively, you can put the secondary keywords in the bio description.
Check out some of the best ways to customize your Instagram bio-
• Add your hashtag, brand.
• Add symbols/emojis.
• Put a UTM to the link and shorten it.

4- Using infographic posts
Educational or Infographic posts are the most interactive content type on Instagram because they boost the amount of saves on your post, which is pivotal for Instagram algorithms.
If you get an increased number of saves on your posts, the Instagram algorithms find it exciting and boost that specific post’s outreach. Because these are informative posts, people love sharing their views on the topic, which builds engagement on the post.
Try to come up with informative content which adds value to your product or services.

5- Micro-blogging on Instagram
Try using Instagram as a micro-blogging platform to post a behind-the-scenes story and delve deeper into the topic or tutorial with your post caption. If you share a relevant picture that goes with the theme of your micro-blogging post, your content is likely to get more engagement.
This allows users to spend more time on your posts while participating in the conversations in the comments.

6- Put main products as story highlights
With the help of story highlights, you can put your products or services stories because they appear right below your profile. If your business profile sells a particular service, your story highlights serve as a catalogue where potential clients can visit your website and discover more about it.

For example, as an affiliate marketer, you can put up your popular affiliate products in the story highlight. By doing so, whosoever visits your profile will get to know the tools recommended by you.
Instagram story highlights are a prime feature of your profile, and you can make the most of it to spread awareness about your products or services to direct people to your website.

7- Posting long videos
On Instagram, you can add a video of 60 seconds, while on IGTV, there is a feature to share longer videos and share the preview on Instagram stories and feed.
If your videos are longer, users will spend a lot of time watching them, which will enhance engagement. It will drive the audience to your website through the link in the IGTV video description.
Instagram wishes that you spend more time on the social media platform, and posting longer videos keeps people glued to IG for a prolonged period of time. Instagram simply likes when users spend more time on the social media platform.

8- Attract more clicks on your bio-link
Because there is no facility to put clickable links in your Instagram caption, put a clickable account handle in your caption that will lead to your profile bio and thereby your website.
We hope this blog proved insightful and informative for you while leading you to the answers you were looking for. Using these crucial engagement tools, you can drive Instagram followers to your website. Convert your Instagram popularity into web traffic to bring you profits in terms of money and brand value. Instagram has a huge potential to bring you the recognition and increased market value that every business desires. Using the social media tactics mentioned above can change the overall landscape of your market value. Just be consistent and patient on your journey to see the best results.