When you think of recycling, the word ‘content’ hardly comes to mind. But if you are involved in digital marketing, SEO and content writing services, you should take note of the perks of recycling content, particularly under-performing content. One of the many benefits of shifting from stone tablets to pen and paper is the fact that the content you create can be edited since it is not written in stone (pun intended). When it comes to content marketing services people generally focus on creating content to meet a specific company goal. If the content stagnates and fails to meet the intended purpose, marketing teams often erase or overlook that content. This article hopes to give you some helpful tips on how you can modify your under-performing content Services so that you can reach new performance levels that match the original purpose of the content.

Why does content stagnate?

When we say content stagnates we mean it shows reduced metric performance, less engagement rates, decreasing social shares and fewer page views. Content stagnation is natural and does not necessarily imply that your content is poor, so don’t be discouraged. As the behavior, wants and needs of your target audience changes you will observe a marked decline in the market value of your older content. Here are a few suggestions you can implement to redress your content so that it sheds the shackles of stagnation and revitalizes your business.

1. Get with the times: Changing Content for Changing Audiences

As mentioned earlier it is perfectly natural for content to under-perform as time goes by. When the likes or interests of your audience changes, you will see it reflected in decreased impressions and traffic with regard to your content. That is one of the key responsibilities involved in content marketing services is to study the demographics of people engaging with your content to check when the content was at peak performance levels. It also pays to get some insight into the current top ranking content on Google so that you can get an idea about the current interests of your audience. Armed with these insights you can reorient your content writing services and make the necessary changes and update your promotions for revised audiences.

2. Take your time with the technicalities

Sometimes it is not the content that slows down performance but the environment within which that content is presented. Image loading errors, broken links, mobile friendliness, these are just some of the technical factors that affect content performance. Some of the best content marketing services offer important technical improvements to make your content more accessible to the audience. Technical elements like time to first byte (TTFB) and content speed are essential ranking factors that you can use to boost under-performing content. Web design and site maintenance will allow your content to reach that peak performance level it enjoyed earlier.

3. Enriching Content Coverage

One of the main reasons old content stagnates is because it does not receive the kind of coverage it received when it was first posted. You should consider updating your content by adding new reference points and reliable sources. You can also use the content marketing services offered by a top SEO company to expand and add new data to your existing content, factoring in the latest trends and discoveries in that field. It also helps to give your audience an alternate way to engage with your content. For example, you can redesign a blog post and add a creative infographic or image that can summarize the content.

4. Create Cohesive Content

When it comes to content writing and SEO services, you should always keep in mind that quality trumps quantity. If you have ten different pages, and if those ten pages basically have the same content, odds are they will be fighting each other of the top rank. That is why you should not just pile up more content on top of the old since it creates a lot of confusion and you tend to lose track of what the content is for in the first place. The content writing services you use should focus on combing your old content and making it more cohesive so that when you add new content, it adds new value for the user.

5. Structured Data and Content Understanding

Although we like to joke about the fact that Google “knows” everything there will always be room for improvement. The term ‘Machine Learning’ is apt because as a search engine Google is learning and evolving, it is an ongoing process. By using structured data and RSS feeds you can help Google “understand” your content and enhance your appearance in the search results. You can use a Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to test your content and make it more accessible to your audience.


At the risk of spoiling the novel for those unfortunate souls who did not read it, ‘The Alchemist’ can teach us a thing or two about searching among what we have for what we want. At UNIbizTEC we have a team of experienced content writers who are able to use all the suggestions mentioned above to modify old content, even if it was under-performing at one point and recreate it to match the evolving interests of your audience. We offer some of the best SEO services that encompass everything from content writing to web design to marketing so that you get a comprehensive solution to take your business to the next level.