Over the years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a daunting challenge for marketers to improve their search engine algorithms. But guess what, the not-so-old search engine algorithm, BERT has been creating a massive buzz in the whole SEO industry since it is referred to as “the most crucial update in five years.” SEO makes the websites to rank better in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) by driving traffic to a particular website, which is only possible if you get in avail the best SEO services.


However, with the Google BERT update, businesses now once again need to adapt the SEO tactics to remain effective in the website marketing competition. The new Google BERT update officially impacts 10% of search queries, that’s already a massive number since millions of people search on Google on an everyday basis. Now, let us find out what BERT really means, what is the main update all about, and how it will affect SEO to optimize the websites. 

Do You Know What BERT Really is?

BERT is the abbreviation for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers, which basically improves Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can understand the context of a user search query. 

BERT mainly improves the results for voice searches and text to search features that lead businesses to publish their quality content on the website. It analyses the text and answers the queries of the users much faster and presents the best results for the problems they are facing.

What is BERT Update?

With the latest BERT update, Google can now better analyze and understand what the users are actually looking for. If a user types a long-tail keyword or complex keywords on a search engine box, Google will process his/her query, analyze it and give the best and exact results. So, the relationship between the Google search engine and the user will exhibit a good understanding without getting any unrelative result.  

How Can Google BERT Affect SEO?

So, the question which can now arise in your mind is how it really affects SEO? To rank better on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), you have to analyze and execute the best SEO strategies. But thanks to the Google new BERT update, one can easily find his/her answer, especially with the long-tail keywords without facing any complexity while searching on the search engine.

Now, let us understand in detail about how Google BERT update can affect SEO:

1- Long-Tail Keywords Will Become More Proficient

Now with the Google BERT update, companies now will have to make a right shift towards SEO strategies for voice devices. And, opting for long-tail keywords have now started to target the broad audience in order to generate leads and sales through the search engine. Also, by implementing this strategy, it takes natural language into account because more people search their queries by using voice-activated research, and that’s essential to capture those keywords as well. 

2- Writing Crispy Content Is The Key

Did you know that Google keeps on reminding webmasters that we should write content for the users, not for the search engines? You just need to focus on keyword placement, keyword density and use relevant keywords inside your context in order to rank higher on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). But if you do not follow the ethics of writing and are not giving the importance to the quality over quantity, then you might lose out on Google’s latest algorithm updates.

However, BERT focuses on the context of your writing and now look at these tips to consider while writing a content:

  • Avoid unnecessary keywords stuffing
  • Write crispy and unplagiarized content
  • Use relative keywords (research on keywords for SEO)
  • The content should be informative and helpful for the readers

3- Topic Clusters For Higher Ranking

Note that being visible for a specific topic is better than ranking for a particular keyword on the search engine. A topic cluster comprises a group of interlinked web pages. They mainly target a long-tail keyword topic to drive more traffic. This can be easily done by creating a Pillar Page. It is a page which is usually referred to as the topic cluster, because it not only focuses on targeting the right keywords but also generates internal links for relevant topics which enable the users to get in-depth knowledge of what they are actually looking for.

When it comes to the SERP position and driving traffic to a particular website, follow these above-mentioned tips and strategies to get better search results. Try to apply these tactics into action, and you will soon see a better result. However, to improve your rank in the Search Engine Result Page after the BERT update, you can also take help from a reputed SEO marketing agency. The SEO experts will provide you with the best SEO services and effective deals that will help you rank better. So, what are you waiting for! Consult the SEO experts now and rank your websites on Google.