According to research, people usually spend 15-45 seconds on any website. This time is very crucial for the owners of the site to gain an audience. It depends on the layout and functionality of the site that makes a user stay or leaves.

Small business owners usually build their own websites using several templates available online. Although there is nothing wrong with these, they lack the personality that represents your business.

This is why hiring a web designing company has become so important today. Professionals in the field have a deeper and better understanding of various web designing software. This is why they can provide you with sites that are far better than your competitors and have your presence.

However, this service is a bit expensive, but you can avoid mistakes that are not uncommon for people to make. In this blog, let us take you through a few of these mistakes that you should definitely avoid.

A Lot Happening

One of the most common mistakes that site owners make is stuffing it up with too much information. We understand that you want the visitors to know every little detail about your business, but putting it all out loud on the homepage is not the right choice.
When a user sees a lot of text and images, they usually end up closing that site. No one has time to read all the quotes you have. This is why it is suggested to present appropriate, precise information that directly targets the audience.

Very Little Information

Quite contradictory to what we mentioned above, it is important your site has something for the user. Although minimalism is the new trend, it is necessary that you know how to do that correctly. Uploading a website that has no information and doesn’t provide clarity to the user is a waste.

A right balance between images, text, and click-buttons is what you must understand. This way, you can let the visitor know what you have to offer. If you have no experience in this field, instead of using templates, it is suggested that you go ahead with a web designing expert.

Confusing Layout

From themes to font to color palette, there is a lot that together makes a site looks great. Again, a good website is all about finding the right balance. Instead of bringing together elements that have no link with each other, make wise choices.

First, you must have a clear idea about what you need and what are your end goals. If you have a raw image of your website in mind, this will make it easier for you to select elements correctly. As a result, you will have a layout that is smoothing to users’ eyes and makes them stay for long.

Missing Call-To-Action (CTA)

A Call To Action, or CTA, is essential for a website to gain traffic. “Click here to register.” “Let’s Chat,” and many more CTAs help the visitor understand what he needs to do. Adding these buttons on your site not only increases the reach but also makes the experience flexible and simplified.

Instead of searching for the live chat box or registration page or for coupons, he can simply hit these and will land on the page he desires. However, note that too many of your CTAs can become annoying very soon.

Your website should be a guidebook with all the elements in the right amount and correct placement. Adding a button after every second line will force the user to switch to some other sites.

Not Knowing the Importance of Whitespace

People know whitespace with one more name, i.e., negative space. This terminology has created an inappropriate image of the same. To define it in simple words, whitespace is the blank sections on your website between text, images, margins, and other elements.

While web designing, people often neglect its importance. To order to make the site more pleasing to the human eye, one must know how to break the content and add enough space for everything to breathe.

Also, whitespace is also a great place for putting navigation buttons. This way, it is separated from all the data and gains users’ attention.

Improper Placement of Ads

Haven’t we all been tired of canceling unnecessary ads and pop-ups while scrolling through a site? Well, as important as ads are for a website owner, they can actually distract and frustrate the people exploring your site.

Too loud, big, or flashy ads can divert his attention from what you have to offer. Make note if the ads are the tiniest bit of irritation to you, then they will definitely be trouble for the users. If you need to insert them, then add pop-ups.

Remember while adding pop-ups that they should be easy to close and must not cover your entire site. This way, your user will get to see them but can also focus back on your services.

Takes Too Long to Load

Slow loading sites can make you lose the audience. There are several elements that can be the reason behind this trouble. Unoptimized images, heavy plugins, and a lot more can slow down the loading time of your website.

No one has that much patience, and as a result, businesses lose customers. Ensuring that everything that you put on your website is easy to load, especially on the homepage, can resolve this error.

Also, getting the updates of plugins, modules, and themes can also help you avoid unnecessary load on the site. After getting the latest versions, it is important that you run a test before the site goes live. This can help you analyze any changes that the updates might have made.

Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Creating a website that is mobile-friendly can help you get a lot of traffic. Not everyone always has access to their laptops and PCs. Therefore, whenever they need something, they go ahead and browse it on their mobiles.

A site that does not respond and scales down to a smaller size display can make you lose a lot of potential customers. According to some stats, mobile users together are more than half the traffic available online.

In order to keep a large amount of audience engagement, it is important that your web page runs smoothly and effortlessly on any device. Make sure that it doesn’t become impossible for the browsers to read the content

Do Not Update Content Timely

People come to the internet in search of fresh and updated content. If you lack behind in this area, then it can show a direct impact on your reach. If you are presenting people with what they already know, they will make sure that they do not come back and waste their time.

This is why you must keep the information available on your website up-to-date. This way, not only will you keep your existing users happy but, at the same time, will attract new ones.

Not Including H1 Tags

H1 tags have a great impact on your search engine ranking. This is the first thing that Google bot crawlers go through. It is one of the factors that determine the position of your site on SERP. In addition to that, including H1 tag also has other benefits.

A good, compact, and complete H1 tag attract people even before they open your site. If just by reading the Heading 1 on your homepage, your user understands what your business is about, then it is a win-win situation.

Here are a few ways to generate an H1 tag that is fit for your search engine as well as for the people visiting your website are:

  • Placing the tag before the first fold
  • Make sure that it explains the basics of your business to the visitor within 5 seconds.
  • Mention your primary keyword in the H1 tag.


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