The People Also Ask section is a Google SERP feature that shows Questions that are related to your Search. Every Answer will take you to a new Webpage, just with a click. If you can’t find your Answer on the main search page, you can try to search for it in the People Also Ask box. Google shows you these questions to help you find better Answers for more clarity.

It is always said that Ranking on the People Also Ask box is not rocket science. But trust us, it is not even that easy, and there is nothing specific you can do to get a higher ranking, but you can follow a few tips from our side and let your page rank on Google. 
If you want your page to be on the top of the "People Also Ask" Box, follow our article to learn about 6 SEO strategies to Rank on PAA Box. 

What are the Strategies that can help you in ranking on Google PAA box?

The strategies you can follow are:

1- Add Enough FaQs

The Questions under the “People Also Ask" Section comes from the FAQs you put in your website Content. Google spider gives more importance to the FAQs section as it has a number of advantages, like,

    • It saves a lot of time for the Readers. 
    • It helps the new website to grow and grab traffic. 
    • It built trust among the reader. 

Google helps your website Content in getting a better ranking if there are FAQs in it. As per Google crawler, your Content is more relevant if it has more FAQs, But that does not mean that you will add hundreds of FAQs to your website Content.
Note: The Number of FAQs must be limited and relevant to the Content. 

2- Breakdown  Answers into Steps 

By breaking down your Answer in the steps, you will increase the readability of your Content, which in the end helps you in getting the Ranking on the Google search People Also Ask box. Pointer’s are more attractive than paragraphs, as they are short, simple, informative, and to the point. 

To understand it in a better way, take yourself as an example. Would you like to read the paragraph or the pointers? Some can say that they will prefer Paragraphs, must 70 out of 100 are going to opt for pointers only, as they are easy to read. So, by adding pointers and steps, you can achieve your goal of a higher ranking in the People Also Ask section. 

3- Choose an Attractive Headline

Your Headline plays an important role in your readers deciding whether they will read your whole Content or not. Not only the readers, but even the Google Crawler also give more importance to the Headlines to understand your entire website content. That simply means even if you have written good stuff under the content section, and your Headline is not that unique or great, chances are that you will not rank.

The Headline needs to be Unique, attractive, informative, and attention-grabbing to increase your reader’s interest. Add your primary keyword in your Headline, and keep checking the readability score of the Headline and subheadings, this can help in getting more shares.
Note: You can also use Popular Most Asked as your Headlines.

4- Analyze Competitor's Strategies

Competitor analysis tells you what services your competitor provides and focuses more on. Apart from that, it also tells you about their proper Marketing strategies. How they are ranking their page, what keywords they are focusing on, and a lot more things about them, their weakness, and their strength. 

So, if you see your competitor ranking in the People Also Ask section, observe them, see their way of writing, and try to understand their strategies. After that, try to modify your strategies on the basis of the one you collect from your competitor and implement it on your website, this may help you in ranking on the People Also Ask section. 

5- Use Smart Subheadings

If you want to be featured in the PAA box, then always go with a decent but smart subhead. Keep in mind to end a subhead with a question, and explain that Question in a descriptive way, along with using the Target Keyword. 

6- Search Intent

Search Intent is made for you to understand what is the demand of the searcher. Focus more on the primary and secondary keywords in your Content. Apart from that, you need to focus on the LSI Keyword, short and long keywords, phrases, and keywords of both high and low volume.

To rank on People Also Ask Box, Try to provide new and different Content and place your keyword in an appropriate way to optimize the content properly.

There are even search intent tools that help you in guessing and understanding the audience demand as early as possible. By following this, you can give your audience a hassle-free experience. 

Tools to Help in Ranking on the People Also Ask box

There are various tools, which can help you in ranking on the PAA section, but we have mentioned the four best tools for your convenience.

1. Google Trends

If you are in search of a free online tool that you can use to get a broader view of things, you are doing something wrong with your website. Then Google Trends is the Best Choice for you. It helps you with Various things like Marketing Research, Keyword research, Product research, Discovering seasonality, Determining the stability of a search term, Find niches for Your products, Improve Your marketing and online advertising, and a lot of other things as well. 

The tool particularly focuses on determining the level of interest of the audience in a specific Question. It also tells you if your topic is seasonal or long-term. 

2. Ahrefs
Ahrefs helps you to rank on Google’s People Also Ask Page by doing your work like keyword research, link building, rank tracking, site audits, and competitor analysis. This tool is completely marketing-based and can be a good option for boosting your page. 

It is a free tool, you can access it by just signing in.

3. SemRush 

SemRush is an all-in-one SEO tool that does your research, finds the keyword, makes the whole keyword strategies, completes SEO audit of your Content, provides help in Backlinks, and a lot more. Whether it is a small business or large, people all around the world trust SemRush a lot because of the kind of Quality it provides.
It gives you a better idea about the Result Page. It helps you in searching the keyword, which will make your page rank on Google’s PAA box quickly. 

4. is a free keyword research tool that provides you with tips, information, and ideas to make good quality content. It gives you high benefits by providing you with additional information by looking at your initial Question. The tool gives People Also Asked, Question and answer from Google, on its own.

With the help of, you can have all the ideas and information about a specific keyword without any problem. 


If you also want to rank on Google’s PAA box and don’t understand what to do next? Then you can contact us. We have a team of professional Digital marketing SEO experts who will help you by looking at your Content and by providing you with a list of things you are lagging at.