You are already hosting your website on WordPress, which means that you must have already been aware of the fact that WordPress is out of an box SEO Friendly Content Management System (CMS). Being one of the best SEO Friendly CMS, it never means that just creating or launching your website on this platform will rank your website on the top of Google. Although, WordPress is a really very great choice of platform as it is loaded with tons of advanced features to always keep your website a step forward to meet the modern requirements of search engines and also to offer a user-friendly site experience to the visitors. 

You will be amazed to know that WordPress is designed and developed by the experts in such a way that it can perfectly align with the best SEO practices that you need to implement on your website to improve the ranking and organic visibility on search engines.

SEO is the process of optimization that is implemented to drive traffic and improve the ranking of the website. To achieve a better ranking of your website on search engine results pages, you need to implement the most effective SEO Strategy. Just doing the WordPress SEO setup is not enough to achieve ranking on search engines, but you also need to use the right tool and SEO plugin. There are a number of SEO Plugins available in the marketplace, but all of them are not as good as a few of them. So, we have done Expert Pick of 5 Best SEO Plugins for 2021 that you can try for your WordPress site to boost your website's organic traffic and search visibility. So, let's take a look at them and the reasons for which you must opt for them!

Yoast SEO Plugin

Whenever we are talking or discussing the best SEO Plugins, then the very first name that comes to our mind is Yoast SEO. The main selling point of this SEO Plugin is that it is available for free of cost and if you are struggling on a tight budget, then you can choose the Yoast SEO Plugin for your website without compromising the SEO Practice of your website. Although. The premium version of Yoast SEO is also available at a very affordable price. So, you can also opt for that to power up your website's ranking and visibility with the premium features of this best SEO Plugin.

Highlighted Features of Yoast SEO Plugin

•    Helps to Structure Paragraph
•    Comes with a WYSIWIG editor
•    High Keyword Density
•    Automatic Redirection
•    Enables to add Breadcrumbs
•    Bulk Edit Titles/Descriptions
•    Automatically Sends XML Sitemaps to Google/Other Search Engines
•    Custom Meta Header/Description

All In One SEO Plugin

All In One SEO Plugin is designed and developed while keeping the user experience at the top priority. If you are using this well-developed SEO plugin for your website, then you don't have to take pain to hire an SEO Professional as this tool is super easy to use that you can also easily manage the SEO of your website to enhance search visibility on search engine result pages. There are tons of features for which you must surely use the All In One SEO plugin if you don't want to invest in hiring an SEO Professional. 

Highlighted Features of All In One SEO Plugin

•    Beginner Friendly SEO Plugin
•    Competitor Analysis
•    Social Media Integration
•    Unlimited SEO Keywords
•    Optimize eCommerce sites
•    Robots.txt and .htaccess Editor
•    SEO Audit and TruSEO score

WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache is the best WordPress plugin powering a number of websites around the Globe. It is specifically designed and developed by Experts to improve the site optimization and performance of the website. This powerful plugin has more than 2 million active installations around the Globe and this clearly explains that the developers are doing something really great with this plugin.

 Highlighted Features of WP Super Cache Plugin

•    Reliable CDN Support
•    Page Caching
•    Browser Caching
•    Enables to schedule and manage deletion and re-caching
•    GZIP compression
•    Caching for Mobile Device Visitors

Semrush Plugin

Semrush is one of the powerful SEO and Marketing tools that is highly appreciated by SEO Experts around the Globe for the super-advanced features that it has to offer. If you also want to supercharge your website with effective SEO, then you can opt for this technologically advanced SEO Plugin. This will also help you to research URLs let you know which keyword is going to rank higher on search engines. 

Highlighted Features of Semrush Plugin

•    Keyword Research to Boost Website Traffic
•    Audit of On-Page SEO
•    Competitor SEO Analysis
•    Social Media Management
•    Strong Link Building
•    Rank Tracking
•    Market Analysis
•    Paid Advertising
•    Broken link checker

SEOQuake Plugin

The most powerful SEO plugin to boost the reach of any website with the help of its highly advanced features and functionalities. It is an easy-to-use plugin that is also considered one of the favorite SEO Plugins of Experts. One can embed this plugin to a search engine like Google for quick access to search engine results. It's a must-have SEO Plugin for the SEO Experts who are aware of the fact that how crucial Content Marketing is. You will be amazed to know that how fast this plugin work. Everything about SEOQuake is the best and worth giving a try. 

Highlighted Features of SEOquake Plugin

•    SEO Audit of website
•    Analyze the difficulty and density of keyword
•    URL and Domains Comparison
•    External or Internal Link Analysis
•    Compatible with Various Browsers

Final Words!

We hope that this post helped you to find the top 5 best SEO Plugins to boost the traffic and visibility of your website on search engines. You may also check out our other posts for more information on SEO. In this post, we have shared a total of the 5 best SEO Plugins and their features. Now, it's up to you which one you choose to boost the SEO and performance of your website. Alright, Folks, this is it! 
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