What is the point if you only deliver and get nothing in return? Whether it is some sort of service or some knowledge, you get the zeal to perform well only when you start getting responses. Similarly, in case you are a content creator and write blogs and articles every now and then, you should aim as to how to convert customers through that write-up. In today’s world, getting potential customers via blog posts and articles is booming high, and is undoubtedly the most organic power to gain traffic onto your website. But is it like you write and share knowledge every day, and still unable to convert those readers into your potential customers? Then I must tell you, there are millions who are writing and delivering the content writing services, but only a few are there who are gaining success out of that. The reason is that those few know the trick to write quality content for their websites. In this given blog post, we would like to share the five best and most straightforward tips to write a quality blog post for your website.

Get to Know and Understand your Audience.

Before you start for anything, it is very crucial to understand who your audience is and what are they looking for. You can’t just sit at home and decide who is your target audience, what’s the volume of it, what are they looking for, so in order to be strategic try to develop a data-driven analysis by researching for the endless industries and competitors. There are multiple tools which you can use in order to make it simpler and quick:

  • Quora:A perfect place to look to for the queries and problems people are having in your area of expertise so that you can tap to resolve them.
  • io:In order to look for what the audience is looking for in particularly your industry, this keyword tool is surely a great way.
  • SEMRush:Good things always ask for money. Though this tool is paid but is very useful to look at your competitor’s ideas and work accordingly.
  • Twitter Advanced Search: In this one, it is quite simple, just type in your keyword and filter it to ‘questions’ and you will get a list of questions the individuals are asking in your industry.

Create Compelling and Attractive Headlines

The first and the foremost thing that grabs the attention of the reader towards your blog is the heading of the blog. In case you haven’t used a heading that is eye-catching and unique, your blog post would considerably get lesser reach and share. As it is said, we judge a book by its cover; similarly, we judge a blog by its title, and that means we all are shallow. So, whether you work for a content writing company or just writing blogs and articles sitting at home, the attractiveness of the blog post title is undoubtedly fundamental. The recommended tool for searching the market value of your headline is via EVM headline analyser. You can even get your hand on IsItWP’s headline analyser tool in case you wish to improve your headline.

Use Subheadings and Short Paragraph Breakups

Delivering a write up with endless content in one giant paragraph is something that will scare the audience coming to your page. Everyone who opens up a blog or an article first take a glance of the page and then start reading, so it is always advisable to make subheading in order to attract the reader to those small paragraphs. Sort paragraphs help the reader some time to read-only for what they are looking for. It not only helps the reader to absorb the delivered information, but it also helps them remember the points in the blog. It even depends on the type of audience who is reading your blog, as they aren’t there to read essays that don’t give them what they are looking for. Thus, it is advisable to research what the audience wants and deliver the same to them in a precise and crisp manner.

Smarted to Use Bullet Points in Between

Adding bullets to your blogs can surely help you in getting more traffic on your website. As the readers always skim through the page once, thus you can highlight the most pointers in the form of bullets and attract the interest of the reader. In order to understand the tips, you should use to catch the attention of the user are mentioned below:

  • Create mini headlines in the bullets and give clear benefits in that.
  • Avoid writing paragraphs in the bullet section.
  • Keep the bullet pointer symmetrical.
  • Keep in mind that the bullets aren’t sentences; they are just eye-catching headings.

Just like created above, you also write punching bullets for your audience in order to get more traffic on your blog posts on your website.

Get it Search Engine Optimised

Though it is tricky to get SEO in the blogging world, you shouldn’t ever put the SEO over your user’s experience (UX), and at the same time, you can’t even ignore search engine optimisation. In order to maximise your SEO ranking on the Google search engine result page, then it is imperative to get your blogs optimised. Now, what all is required is:

  • Catchy meta title
  • Proper meta description
  • Optimise according to the relevant keywords
  • Use a variety of keywords and not repetitive
  • Prefer adding alt-text to your images
  • Internal linking is an excellent option for blogs to get its reach

So, these are some amazing and simple trick in order to get more traffic on your blog post on your website. There are ample other ways in order to get the traffic, which the content writing companies and writers are using. In order to get more updates on it, you can stay connected with our latest updates. Would advise you first start with these five tips in order to attain the organic traffic to your blog posts and then you go move forward by each passing steps.