Want to target traffic from specific countries?
How can it be done?

Many factors need to be considered while targeting country-specific traffic. If you want to target U.S.-based traffic and you don’t know how to do it? Then this blog is just what you need.

Some Different Ways to Drive Country-Specific Website Traffic

1- Domain Name Extension
.com and .org are the top-level domain extension which generally ranks higher on the search engines globally; however, if you want your website to target a specific country, then going for a country-specific domain is best.
For example, the bloggers from Canada use .ca domain extension and their site is ranking higher in the Canadian Google. Similarly targeting .co.in or .in domain extension will earn you good results. For targeting traffic from the United States of America, you can use the .us domain extension for better results.

For preserving your brand, you buy .org or .com or other TLDs; however, it’s quite challenging to rank your website on other countries-specific search engines.

Therefore, if your targeted audience is clear, then country-specific domain extension will be the best bet to reach your goal.

2- Server Location of Web Hosting
Server location plays a vital role in driving the geo-targeted traffic. If you target traffic from the U.S. (United States), then host your site on a U.S.-based server. If you are targeting traffic from Canada, host your website on the Canadian serve

⮚India-based servers – A2Hosting
⮚ Europe-based server – Kinsta, SiteGround
⮚ U.S.-based servers – SiteGround, Bluehost

Factors like CDNs can help speed up your site in different countries; however, to remain focused on your target audience, host the website in the country you are targeting. It ensures that your website’s loading time will be faster in that particular country because search engine bots and server’s IP will determine your server location. This helps in making your website rank higher in the targeted country.

3- Geo-Targeting with Google Search Console
Google offers webmasters and bloggers with a free tool Google search console that can help you get country-specific traffic. You can set the country where you want to target your website to seek traffic from targeted countries.

To use the feature of country targeting in search console, follow these steps:
⮚ Log in to the Google search console
⮚ Go to the Legacy tools and reports and then click on International Targeting
⮚ On the consecutive page, specify the country which you want to target.

4- Content Level Targeting
Google uses the content to determine the targeted country. When targeting multiple countries with generic domain extension like .com, .org, you must add a country name in the post’s description and Meta title. This will ensure that your post is keyword-targeted and is targeting a particular country.

Language and the type of content used in your blog post result in determining the website ranking. Don’t ignore the important SEO factor-readability while writing the content. While targeting U.S. traffic, if you are using the language of Indian standards, it will be difficult for visitors to understand it. Make sure to use the language specific to the country you are targeting.

5- Backlinks
Backlinks are still used to determine the popularity of the content, and that is why it is good to target the country-specific backlinks. Say, for example, if your website’s target audience in the U.S., they try getting more backlinks from U.S.-based websites.

Take advantage of the guest blogging to get the country-based backlinks or spend your quality time learning the art of blog commenting. Both these methods of blog commenting and guest blogging are Penguin-safe and secure if done properly.

6- Use Google My Business for Local SEO
You can use Google My Business when you are running an e-commerce website or a service blog.

Set your business in Google Business and then add all the related information like phone number, address etc. to help Google determine the location of your business.

Create social media profiles and fill in all the required information to get more local citations. Use Knowem for checking the availability of various social media profiles.

7- Submit your Site to Local Search Engines
You can submit your website in Google Webmaster tool, Bing Webmaster tool, Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Pinterest, Alltop, IMT Website submitter as they target a global audience.

To gain country-based traffic, submit your website to local web directories and local search engines. It will help get the country-specific backlinks which eventually will determine the geo-location of your website.

8- Google Trends
You must target those keywords in your blog post, which are popular in the country whose traffic you are targeting. Try finding the keyword that is prevalent with the targeted country’s audience and then craft the content strategy according to it.

For example, most Golf course equipment blogs have large traffic from the U.S. or Canada, as golf is more popular in those countries compared to Asian countries.

How to Track the Progress Keyword in Country Specific Searches?

Till now, we have discussed the tricks that can be used to target traffic to your website from particular countries. Now you need to track the progress of your keywords in the targeted country. It will help you understand which strategy is working for you and which is not. Once you identify which is working, you can focus and work on that strategy to take it to the next level.
Use SEMrush tool for checking the ranking of the keyword in a particular country. While writing the blog, you should keep the targeted country on your mind. This way, you carve a beautiful blog post for your website that is targeting a particular country.