In today’s era of digital inventions, not only human but machines are intelligent too. Artificial Intelligence is the only way out for this technical expansion. This technology is smart enough to recognize the voice, solving queries and performing planning for the task. In short, machines react like normal human beings.


Artificial Intelligence is in great demand for Digital Marketing. It is extremely needful for providing the delightful experience to the end number of customers. In our previous Blog, we shared our thoughts on ‘’Google Voice Search” as it is the most searched and exclusive topic for all the people around the world. And in this Blog, we would like to provide you the thoughts about the future scenarios of Digital Marketing through Artificial Intelligence.

What is RankBrain?

The Artificial Intelligence used by Google in its search results is RankBrain. It converts written content into mathematical algorithms that can be easily understood by the computer at great extent. It also tries to grab the notion of the user that what is he thinking while writing and suggests the word and phrases accordingly.

Importance of RankBrain in Digital Marketing

1) Better Understanding of your Audience – Through Artificial Intelligence you can understand your audience better by implementing chat-bots and personalized product recommendation feature on your website.

2) Customer Delight – Artificial Intelligence improvise the user experience by providing them “what exactly they need” when they visit the website.

3) Effective Marketing – Through Artificial Intelligence you can form effective marketing strategies for your product or services, as it can help you in getting accurate and appropriate data through data analysis.

4) High ROI – With the help of Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing strategies you can reach to your right set of audience with the irrefutable offers. And it will surely be going to impact positively on your Return on Investment.

What is RankBrain’s role in Search?

RankBrain works as a Searcher Centric Artificial Intelligence that has the potential of understanding the intentions of the user and providing them the results as per their requirement. RankBrain mainly focuses on the new and unique content in order to give the high rank to a website.

How is Artificial Intelligence changing SEO?

1) Use relevant Keywords and Phrases – There should be proper relevancy in the Keywords and Phrases that you tend to use in the content of your website. And more importantly the Keyword should be a long tail or it can be in the form of voice search on a smartphone, as in the real questions are arising by the user. RankBrain easily interprets those queries in which the keyword is concise and conveying the proper message.

2) Use Google Ad words Keyword Planner – It is advisable to use Google Ad words Keyword Planner tool for getting the appropriate Keywords and phrases for getting the appropriate relevant content. Using such keywords will help you understand that how the search engine links the question. And it will also help you in getting better ranking of your website as you used Google suggested keywords in your content.

3) Use High – Quality Content – Content is treated like a King in Artificial Intelligence. If you use genuine and good quality relevant content, then it naturally helps the RankBrain to analyze and optimize the content on your website. RankBrain inclines on the content that is written in the context of the user’s point of view. And it also leaves a  good impression on the audience by seeing the content similar to their notions and ideas.

4) Write for your Customers – If you want to get great results through organic ways then write for your audience through a sneak peek in their thoughts. If you would be able to understand the emotions of your audience then you can easily make them fall for your product or service easily. Through this practice, you can also convert the prospects into your future clients.

5) Web Development – With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Web development in SEO has found multiple ways to make the alluring website. It also enhances the efficiency of the website by providing the feeling to the visitor that someone is there to chat with them 24/7. And they can ask about their queries and get solutions at any point in time by providing them the interesting Interactive Buttons through Artificial Intelligence.

6) Ads – The different type of Ads you see while searching for something on the internet is also possible through only Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence tracks the record of searched items by the user, and then display the same thing on their home screen in the form of an advertisement.

7) Testing – Artificial Intelligence does the proper checking and testing of your website and makes sure that the performance of your website won’t be compromised for anything. It actually performs the surveillance and finds out the problem and suggests the appropriate implementations in order to enhance the user interface on a website.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in SEO

1) Command over SEO —  In future Artificial Intelligence will have more emphasize on Black Hat SEO. The strategy would be using more of Keywords in Content and perform excessive Backlinking.

2) Visual Content – The demand for visual content will be excessive in the future. As people are least interested in reading or would prefer seeing something and understand the concept.

3) Conversational Keywords – In future Conversational Keywords will play a major role in the content. People are more interested in reading something that is somewhat similar to the way they talk.


Digital Marketing is a vast field and so is Artificial Intelligence. But these two are the two main aspects of today’s world. In order to succeed in the online market, we need an implementation of the strategies that has the blend of Artificial Intelligence as well as Digital Marketing.