Content is the King. But creating just great content is not enough to bring the visibility and ranking of your website on the first page of Google. The competition is becoming tougher and tougher and everyone is trying their very best to rank on Google. Creating valuable, unique, and authentic content for your website is the first priority. The second thing that needs to be done is taking care of SEO to bring organic search visibility, rankings, and traffic. To improve the visibility, you need to work on a few parameters and out of all, EAT and YMYL can be the best to improve your ranking on search engines. Google Docs introduced these two platforms like Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Before diving deeper into it, we will recommend you to know how actually Google Algorithm reads the content. After going through the content and website, Google decides the low quality and high-quality websites accordingly.  

So, this is where EAT and YMYL come into the picture of SEO. EAT is for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness”, and YMYL is for “Your Money or Your Life”. 

EAT: To Identify Trustworthy Websites with Relevant Information

Imagine you are looking for an answer to your question on Google and finding irrelevant or wrong answers. How will you feel? Bad, right? This is the reason why Google first measures a website on various quality parameters and decides how much trust it must put on a specific website. Let’s uncover the three pillars of EAT to identify how it can help you to improve the SEO of your website. 

Expertise: The first pillar of EAT works effectively to measure the Expertise of a website. By Expertise, we mean that the website should have the most accurate and relevant answer to offer over another website already available on Google. This helps Google to identify factual and relevant information to bring them on the search engine result page. 

Authoritativeness: The Authoritativeness of a website is recognized by the humble links of that specific website. This is still considered as one of the best top-ranking factors for Google. The more your website will have quality links, the more your website will rank better on search engines. The Authority of a website is defined when both the inside and the outside story is trustworthy, and everyone talks good about you. The consideration of Authority comes from the links, mentions, and shares. 

Trustworthiness: The last factor of EAT is Trustworthiness. This factor helps Google to decide if the website appearing on the search engine results page is trustworthy or not. During this fierce competition time, it’s not easy to gain the trust of your customers. There is more than enough content available online. To whom the public will trust. So, to make the very right decision, they choose to go through reviews and testimonials to find other’s experiences to the very specific product or service they are looking for. This means that the testimonials and reviews help them to decide if they should really put their trust in you or not. 

YMYL: To Measure the Website’s Impact on Happiness, Health, Financial Stability & Safety

YMYL refers to the topics and web pages that impact users. Lots of people rely upon Google to find relevant answers to their questions related to health, finance, and many more. Google terms this type of content as Your Money or Your Life. Imagine you are an internet user and you are surfing over the internet to find relevant information related to your finance or health concerns. Then, you find fraudulent, irrelevant, or incorrect answers. To ensure no one encounters such discomfort, Google introduced the YMYL Concept in the first version of SQEG (Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines). So, following the parameters of YMYL content, Google demands the content of such websites in high quality and with complete accuracy. Google doesn’t want to take a toll on misleading or false information, and that’s why they are strictly adhering to the parameters of YMYL Content. 

Tips to Uplift EAT and YMYL Website Ranking on Search Engine

Craft the Bio and About Us Page More Creatively
To make the most out of your website’s bio and about us page, we strongly recommend you craft the content of these pages creatively and while making sure that they are equally informative to your users. Although, you should also focus on the content of your website’s other pages to ensure the quality till the end. 

Add Crazy & Effective Call to Action Buttons
Contacting your business or you must be easy for your users. It must be a matter of a single click. And for this, you should add go crazy call-to-action buttons on your website. To create an effective CTA Button, make use of action-packed text, snazzy buttons shapes, and many other techniques to attract your potential customers. 

Speedy and Mobile Friendly Website
In 2018, Google rolled out a search algorithm that was specifically built for mobile searches called mobile-first indexing. The speed and mobile-friendliness of a website are two major factors of all. A slow-loading website will drive your potential customers away. And the mobile-friendly website is crucial as you never know what type of device your customer must be using to access your website. It is possible that they must be using a mobile phone. So, emphasize these two important factors. 

Push your Customer for Reviews
A review of a specific product or service brings a sense of credibility and trust to your potential customer’s mind. So, we recommend you push your existing customers who are happy with your products or services to leave a review or testimonial of their experience with your brand. 

You and everyone can win the hustle of online business by implementing the right SEO Strategies for their online business brand. And while doing so, you can’t forget the EAT and YMYL content. YMYL and EAT come from Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines which are under the supervision of a human team who manually rate the Google Search Engine Result Quality. So, if you don’t want Google to mark your web page or topic as negative, then always keep EAT and YMYL in your mind while preparing the SEO strategy and content of your website.