Planning to bring your business online via your new website and is stuck on the very first step of SEO which is Keyword Research? Drop all your worries now as here in this post we present its in-depth beginner’s guide to Keyword Research for your new website which will help even newbies to empower their Search Engine Optimization Strategy with effective Keyword Research tactics. With the help of our detailed guide, you will be able to dig up various terms, phrases, questions, and answers that are crucial to your users and potential customers. Before introducing you to how to do strategic keyword research, we would like to define what actually is keyword research and why it is important to create an effective SEO Strategy.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a term used by tech people who have knowledge of SEO. It is a vital step to build up any result-driven SEO Strategy for a new website. Keyword research is a process in which you identify the words and phrases that your targeted customers are using on the search engine to search for your product or service online. You can also say that it’s a type of online market research that introduces you to the online behavior of your targeted audience. There are a number of Keyword Research Tools available in the marketplace that you can use to do effective keyword research for your new website.

Why Keyword Research is Important?

Keyword Research is really very crucial if you want the SEO strategy of your new website to succeed. Skipping this step can cause a big loss to your business and it will make the survival chances of your online business almost zero. Via keyword research, you get a clear picture of your specific targeted audience’s buying journey, your competitive landscape, and also helps you to understand how to shape your content strategy to get noticed online. 
Various important Reasons to do Keyword Research:

•    It helps you to understand your audience’s behavior
•    Helps you to reach your target audience
•    Helps to identify relevant topics that you can capture via your site
•    Brings qualified leads to the business
•    Boosts the sales of the business
•    Enhances the ad campaigns to bring clicks and impressions
•    Builds Brand Awareness

Without doing thorough keyword research if you choose the wrong set of keywords and fail to optimize your new website for the right set of keywords, you will definitely lose on your targeted audience. You will be able to win traffic and sales on your website only if you have optimized your website with the appropriate set of keywords which is possible only with strategic keyword research. We hope that you must have clearly understood the importance of keyword research for your new website. After making you understand this, let’s give a closer look at the steps of keyword research!

Steps of Keyword Research for a New Website:

Step 1: Brainstorm

Before getting started with the actual keyword research part, we always recommend the users brainstorm first to know and understand what keywords and phrases their targeted audience can use to find their products and services online. After understanding the behavior and search intent of your target audience, prepare an elaborated list of keywords. Some of the keywords of your new website can be long tail keywords and some of them can be short-tail keywords. The type of keywords is not restricted to these two only. There are various types of keywords that you can find for your fresh website. But, we will discuss these types later on parts. Now, let’s move to the next step of keyword research!

P.S: Focus more on long-tail keywords as the long tail keyword is the key to SEO Strategy success.

Step 2: Choose the Right Tool

To simplify the task of the users in keyword research, the marketplace is introduced with various advanced Keyword Research Tools that anyone can try to empower their SEO Strategy with the right set of keywords. Free or paid, the choice is yours as there are ample options available. The tools make it super easy for the users to conduct thorough keyword research and there are a lot more interesting and fascinating features added to these tools that the users will need at a later stage. While conducting the keyword research, keep the keyword relevancy in mind.

Step 3: Build the List of Keywords

After finding the right keywords for your new website, it’s time to organize them by creating an elaborated list of keywords that you have selected. The list created by you will help your content writers and editors to formulate the best content for your website with their SEO Writing skills. The keyword list will prove itself as a loyal friend of yours to create an effective and result-driven SEO Strategy for your new website.

Step 4: Establish Baseline and Goals

After successfully completing the above steps, it’s time to create the baseline and goals of your website by formulating SEO Friendly Content with the use of keywords. To rank higher on the search engine, make sure that you are setting your website goal around the keywords themselves.

Important Elements of Keyword Research:

There are three main factors of keyword research that you should never forget while conducting keyword research for your website. Let’s take a closer look at these three important elements!

Relevance: Relevance is the important factor that you should never forget during keyword research because Google ranks any website’s content for relevancy of that. So, make sure that the content is formulated by you for your website is ranking on search engines with the targeted keywords only. This proves the relevancy of your content and also helps you to meet the specific needs and requirements of the users who are searching online.

Authority: To prove yourself as an authoritative source, you need to fill your website with relevant, helpful, and informative content that can successfully meet the needs and requirements of your target audience. Don’t forget social media to promote your website content as it will help you to social signals and backlinks.

Volume: Keyword Search Volume is crucial to driving success to your website. Keyword Research means the number of times a specific keyword is searched for in a specific time frame. Taking this into consideration is crucial because it is possible for you to rank on the first page of Google but can end up with no traffic on your website because no one is searching your website with the keywords that you are targeting in your website content. So, to identify the competitive keywords, take keyword search volume into consideration.

In this post, we shared a detailed beginner’s guide on keyword research that can help even the newbies of digital marketing to conduct effective keyword research for their new website. We strongly recommend our readers to read this post from back to front to not leave even a single stone of keyword research unturned. We hope that all of you received this post well to do strategic keyword research on your own without hiring any professional. Strategic keyword research will help you find the most relevant topics that you can cover on your website to keep your target audience hooked on it. For more updates on Keyword Research, stay connected with UnibizTec