Creating unique and appealing content is something that can surely help in attracting more traffic and eventually generating more sales. Be its website content, blog and articles, or just social media captions content marketing service has taken over the command in the field of marketing. Now, if we talk about the business to business sales with the help of content marketing, we should surely refer to the statistics laid down by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and LinkedIn. The reports say that not only 35% of the organisation that had lesser alignment between the sales and the content marketing but also that 61% of the organisation’s that generated more sales are planning best ways to increase their content marketing budget. This undoubtedly shows the impact of content writing and how it is playing a significant role in the market. 

So, now as we know the impact of content marketing in the business let us find out how to increase the B2B sales with the help of it in the year 2020:

Try Boosting the Organic Searches Using Quality Content 

Though you can create paid promotions; organic traffic is undoubtedly the best source of grabbing the audience. The search engine result page has deployed an advanced algorithm that pulls up the rank of the website which has unique and creative content that is relevant and useful for the users. Not only that if a visitor likes or share the content or some page, then the weight age of that page goes up and search engines makes sure it is visible to millions. And as we say better the traffic, better the outcome thus be consistent with producing quality content.

Try Generating Qualified Leads with Gated Content

Though some user finds it useful while others doesn’t, but this can be a great way to generate potential leads for your business. Depending upon the need and requirement the business, you can create a web form that needs to be filled by the users before they can access the content. It usually asks for the visitor’s name and email address in order to ping them about their services and all the latest ongoing. This one is on the path of 50-50, due to its high criticism as it leads to relatively poor consumer experience, but it is surely a great way to produce high-quality leads.

Try Boosting the Conversion Rates By Mapping Content

When we talk about the huge traffic, we surely talk about website traffic, which is undoubtedly a key performance indicator for the marketers. But getting the traffic isn’t the point, till the time you don’t get conversions which is only possible through relevant content. Thus, the need is to perfectly analyse the pattern of content consumption within all the platforms in order to target a larger audience. All the platforms should be equipped with enough content in order to engage all the stages of the buyer’s journey.

Try Maintaining the Online Reputation Through Unique Content

There shouldn’t be any problem, by those few negative remarks when you have ten good on the list. As we all know, online reputation is something becoming indispensable in today’s world, and it can surely not be in the correct place with under-performing content. Thus, try creating content is unique and favored by the reader, and if not, then also it isn’t a great practice to delete or hide those unfavorable reviews and comments. As those who follow you and like you, content can surely avoid those when they know what you serve.  

Try Supporting the Sales and Marketing Ecosystem with Content

At the time of the sales cycle, the prospect engages with endless members, and thus receives varying descriptions of the same product and services. The content might not be up to the mark, and that is merely because of the lack of internal communication and siloed content distributions and overall flawed content strategy. Thus, in the year of 2020, the strategy is to create treated contented for specific organisations and channel partners and not generic for all and will make sure that it is distributed to timely across the channel.

These amazing ideas will surely help you in reaching your potential leads in this year of 2020. So, why not execute it for your business?