The SEO practitioners are quite aware that the maximum amount of traffic their website attain is only because of the content they post on their website. As content is an integral part for all the SEO activities it makes your website rank high on the very first page of the search engine because of the highly searched keywords in your content. In our last Blog we spoke about the Google’s tool and updates in 2018, and here we would like to provide you the glimpse of Keywords importance in SEO and Digital Marketing.


What is a Keyword?

A Keyword can be a phrase, idioms or collection of collective notions which specifically drives traffic to the URL of your website. Keyword mainly targets the specific set of audience that’s why known as the Target Keyword.

  • Long Tail Keyword

A Long tail keyword is a long phrase of selective words that provide the exact and appropriate result to the user. Long tail keywords mostly used for the highly specific search for something. Ex – “What are the digital marketing services”?

  • Short Tail Keyword

Short tail keywords consist of a lesser number of words and provide the solutions to the query sometimes relevant or irrelevant. There is less scope for a specific search in short tail keyword. Ex- “Digital Marketing”.


How to Choose Right Keywords for Your Website or Business?

Keyword research is basically an activity that is related to core SEO and Digital Marketing. The task is to filter out popular phrases and keywords that user would like to opt for while searching for something on the internet. It actually gives the glimpse to the online marketer that which keywords are ranking high in demand among the user. Keyword research also helps in exploring the multiple ways that what language, tone, and pattern people use while searching for some idea or query.

There are multiple tools available that assist the users to perform proper Keyword Research activity like;

for attaining valuable traffic on the internet and also playing a significant role in Digital Marketing.

The Impact of Keywords in SEO

  • Redefining the Content

Keywords ideate the user about the content and clarify the context of the Blog or Article by making it predefined. Keywords help the users to get the accurate and precise results for their queries on Search Engines.

  • Ensures Organic Traffic

Keywords help in attaining the organic traffic to the multiple online marketers as it fulfills the urge of the user by providing the appropriate and exact solutions.

  • Better Brand Positioning

With the help of a right set of Keywords, you can make your audience understand better about your product or services. Keywords are the best way out for positioning the Brand in the minds of the users if the proper Keyword research is being done by the digital marketers.

The Role of Keywords in Google AdWords

Keywords are the foundation of the pay per click campaign. It is extremely important for all the SEO related activities. In PPC ads campaign, keywords work on the bidding system, that the amount user pays for each keyword in order to get high – quality scores which make sure where your ad will be displayed.

The keyword on which you set the amount should be reflected in your ad in order to provide the relevance to the Google and the User simultaneously.

Some Tips to Use Keywords in PPC Ads

  • Try using the Keyword in the headline and in the description while posting the advertisement.
  • Try bidding on long – tail keywords as it is less competitive and derive more targeted result in low cost.
  • Consider dynamic Keyword to use in your ad campaign because it completely focuses on the user’s exact search query and make the advertisement more relevant to them.

Keyword Match Types in AdWords

While bidding on Keywords, Google Ad Words provides the feature of different types of Keyword Match to put the restrictions on Google’s search performing an activity for the advertisement of the ad campaigner.  There are four major Keyword Match Types which are like extremely essential for any ad campaigning.

  • Broad Match – In Broad Match Keyword, Google derives all the possible searches for the related query whether relevant or irrelevant. The kind of result it could show would be anything like misspellings, synonyms, and other related searches close to that Keyword that you used in your ad campaign.
  • Modified Broad Match – The Modified Broad Match Keyword is mostly preferred Keyword feature in Google AdWords. In this Keyword search, it adds a + (plus) sign to the specific word in the Keyword phrase. By doing this you actually ask out Google to filter all the possible searches that consist of that particular Keyword despite their order.
  • Phrase Match – Phrase match is another preferred type of Keyword in Google AdWords. Through this, the user gets maximum reach among the audience by telling Google to show your ad only when the search query consists of the full phrase. Other words can also be there either before or after that phrase. But that phrase should necessarily be there no matter in what order.
  • Exact Match – Exact match type is the extremely restrictive and least preferred option in Google AdWords. Because through this Keyword, the ad will only be displayed by Google when the user searches for that exact particular Keyword. That’s why it is less commonly used the feature because it couldn’t provide really fruitful results.


Digital Marketing is slowly acquiring all the sectors and the industries in the world. Every basic aspect of digital marketing is directly related to the exciting ventures and immense success for the online businesses. In the same way, Keywords become extremely significant in the world of Digital Marketing within no time. By implementing all the above steps and measures, one can become a thorough expert in handling all kind of affairs related to keywords.