Google voice search assist the user to search for something on the internet with the help of using voice command. It is more of like an added ease to the comfort of the user. And for the online marketers also it is going to be extremely beneficial to understand the real urge of the user, resulting voice search optimization is going to be somewhat different from old techniques of SEO Services. In our previous Blog, we directed your attention towards the Top SEO trends in 2019 and here we provide you the deep insight on one of the trending topic ‘Google Voice Search".


Importance of Voice Search:

  • A new world to search – Exclusive digital assistant like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant are entrenching in our lives. These technical assistance’s have charmed multiple users across the world despite their age. It can be treated as another milestone in the technical invention.
  • Increase in rank through Snippets – It helps the website to rank on number one even if they have the google ranking of number zero with the help of featured Snippets. Every next person who does SEO is concerned to optimize the web page according to the snippets. Through voice search queries it can be better understood that what are the other type of queries that can be featured in snippets.
  • A Better understanding of User’s Intent – In Google voice search the most likely searches being done by the user are action based. And for that reason, the marketers have to be well versed with the appropriate data related to the query of the user. In this case, both the user and the online marketer get the precise information about the query and about the solution. There isn’t any scope for a chaotic situation on both the ends.

Strategies to Optimize for Voice Search?

1. What are people looking for?

A maximum number of times, people are doing voice search in order to get the local information related to their nearby surroundings. Keeping this thing in mind the online marketers can make themselves ready with the required information.

2. Did you register yourself in Google My Business Listing?

Especially for Google voice search, you should register yourself with the Google My Business Listing feature of Google. It actually helps Google to gather more information about your business like the type of business, your address, your contact number, working hours, and more.

3. Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are significant in any Search Engine Optimization activity, but in Google Voice Search long tail Keywords would be preferred. The Keyword strategy should be based on the “conversation style” like two people actually talk to each other, raising questions and suggesting solutions.

4. Implement FAQ Style Content

Try to use FAQ style content or questions on your website in order to track the keyword of the User. FAQ content is normally in the conversational style that any relevant query arises, the answer can be given directly.

5. What Kind of questions people normally asked?

Try to understand the perception of your target audience and make a list that what kind of questions they tend to ask about the similar product or services. For a better ranking, the online marketer should have focused on the precise and clear answer by keeping in mind the complete query of the user.

6. Did you try using Google Voice Search?

For understanding the possible queries of the user in a better way every online marketer should try Google Voice Search firstly by themselves. By using it you can get to know that where are your other competitors are ranking. For getting the ideas about the long tail keyword it is the best way and it also helps you to understand how to boost your ranking.

7. Is your website Mobile friendly?

It is the most important aspect for any online business. While using the feature of Google Voice Search the user must be using their phone and the result of their query if related to your product or service then they see your website on a cell phone. So it is very important to have a mobile-friendly website for giving the complete knowledge about your product or service to the user.


Google Voice Search is going to be the future of Digital Marketing. There will be a time in future when no user wants to write on Google or would prefer giving the audio command. It is extremely important for all the SEO practitioners to adopt all the relevant techniques for Google Voice Search to grow immensely in the Online Market.