Google surely knows what to show and what not, in order to give its audience access to accurate information, relevant and unique content and also the fines writers. Having great work on its algorithm, it continuously improves and delivers what best on the web. But, despite that, there is a flip side as well. It is when Google penalize your website because of some irrelevant content. Google always focus on promoting good quality content and eliminating the poor one at the same time.

It was back then in 2012 when the Penguin update came into effect. It focused on wiping off sites having poor quality content and forced the optimizers to be more careful while posting anything online. And even since then, the search engine optimization has made such a powerful impact in each and every Google’s plan.

There can multiple reasons why Google might have penalized your website, but it never come up straight with its algorithm updates. In order to be on the pure and right track, you should be aware of why Google might do that. So, let’s look on some of those:

Duplicate Content: This one is surely the common yet most ignored point while posting content online. Make sure that your content isn’t copied and completely unique and relevant both for the users and Google SERP. In the case of duplicate content, it could result in a penalty.

Keyword Stuffed Content: One should really understand this that stuffing the keyword won’t get you more traffic but can surely get you a penalty. Content with a high keyword density is a flag to poor content with keyword stuffing.

Buying Links: This can simply say to be manipulating the page rank, which leads to controversy with Google. Buying poor links and linking them to your website can make your website poor and which can easily be caught by Google and asked for a penalty. 

Overusing H1 Tags: This H1 tag is simply the title of the page which helps Google to understand and get brief of what the page is all about. Relevant and minimal content helps with SEO; instead, excessive use of it may lead to disturbing the Google listing with keywords, for which they might penalize your website.

Broken External Links: In case your website isn’t frequently checked and updated with relevant links, Google might think that you do not care about the user experience and okay with those various 404 error pages. This can also be the reason for those penalties.

Slow Speeds: Website speeds are something on which the experience of the user is solely \depended. In case your website hosting speed slow, then the user might bounce off your page, which can be tracked by Google. And that can be the reason why Google might penalize your website.

Black Hat SEO: Everyone does search engine optimization for their website in order to rank on top of the SERP. But some do try to manipulate the SERP by using the black hat SEO technique. This can tap by Google, and then they can get your website penalized for the same. 

Over-Optimized: Google is comfortable in looking for minimal yet relevant content rather than over and poor-quality content. So, a penalty for over-optimized content is when you have gone too far and obsessively out for SEO in your industry.

Poor Mobile Website: A website in today’s can’t work if it isn’t mobile-friendly. Google can easily detect a poorly designed website that isn’t mobile optimized. This can cause a penalty and can lead to wiping off of your website by Google.

Spam Reports: Google plays smarter than you. So, in case you deal into something irrelevant and illegal, it can easily get the hack of it. Google has come up with an online form for spam site reporting, which makes it clear if a website needs to be penalized. 

Footer Links: Footer is an area less visible and more used for irrelevant activities. Designers use it as a navigational aid while some try to manipulate the pane rank by using the footer as an area to pass link that aren’t of the same niche.

Hidden Links: Hidden links on the websites leads to suspiciousness. So, why to let that happen? All the link on the website should be visible instead of hiding and making it of the same color as of the background.

Forum Linking: We all make the use of forums in order to get traffic, but sometimes it gets so many that it becomes hard to locate the actual postings. This might be caught by Google and can penalize your website for the same. 

So, once you are up with your website, make sure you are well aware of these and many more actions that might affect in the coming future. Make it unique and relevant for both the audience and the SERP and reach out to your potential audience. And in case it is penalized, it is better to abandon the site rather than fighting with the Google penalty claims when your domain has been scratched. But despite this, this penalty issues can be fixed with a little effort and ethical approach.