Let’s face it; the year 2020 was no picnic. From a global pandemic, raging wild fires and growing economic crisis, it was quite the roller coaster. Needless to say, people are really looking forward to the coming year in the hopes that things change. But from a business and marketing stand point, what can you expect from 2021? This blog will give you an overview of the popular social media marketing trends you can expect in 2021.

Rise of User Generated Content

User generated content has always had a strong place on social media and you can be sure that the trend will continue in 2021 as well. The growing popularity of user generated content was given a boost through apps like TikTok or Koji.

To give you some perspective about the importance of UGC, it is worth noting that social media marketing studies found that about 75% of consumers will share a positive experience with a brand through posts on social media. Encouraging customers to share their experience or promoting consumer engagement on your social media platforms will do wonders for your brand in the long run.

Corona Related Content

The year 2020 has forever changed the way companies and individuals do business. The spread of the corona virus pandemic has made an impact on every business in every industry. Even if 2021 sees a reduction in the number if cases, the repercussions of the pandemic will stay for years to come.

In the new normal, brands and companies will have to adapt their social media marketing strategies and their online communications to suit the changes in customer demands. One helpful tip is to stick to the 4 Cs of corona virus content; Community, Contactless, Cleanliness and Compassion. It will be interesting to see how the pandemic affects marketers in the year ahead.

Fun Messages with Fun Memes

With most of the world under lockdown in 2020, it is no surprise that the creation of memes became a popular pastime among online users. Experts point out that, it is possible that memes will become the best way to communicate with your audience.

Since creativity is the central factor when coming up with memes for your business so should look for digital marketing agencies that offer affordable SMO services in your area. Once you partner with social media experts and creative content developers you will be able to use memes as a fun way to engage communities and attract a wider audience.

Conversational Marketing through Content

The biggest difference between social media marketing and advertising is that marketing needs to be more conversational. It is not enough that you just plaster your wall or feed with random posts in the hopes that it will attract your audience.

Effective marketing is all about creating connections and starting conversations with your customers. Social media trends show that customers no longer look for products or services or discounts. On the other hand, people are attracted when there is information, engagement, and discussions about social issues. Your social media content should tell a story, or share an idea so that it resonates with users.

Interactive Content or Features

Building on our earlier point, since marketing is often described as a two-way street, you will go a long way if you manage to create interactive content of features. But how do you do this? Here’s an example, if you have a financial services website, you could consider adding interactive tools like an interest calculator or an SIP calculator to boost engagement.

Since creating these features may require technical knowledge, you can get in touch with experts and look for affordable SMO services where you can develop content that delivers great consumer experiences.

Socially-conscious marketing

And finally, the most important trend you need to remember when forming your social media marketing strategy is the importance of social consciousness. The last year witnessed the rise of the socially-conscious generation, where users, especially young users, were engaged on social media through different causes and issues.

Whether it is fighting climate change or fighting for women’s right, brands are beginning to realize that engaging with these issues will build trust among issues and helps to connect with the audience on a more emotive level. However, you need to remember that creating cause-driven messaging can be a little tricky and controversial. Many brands have had to redact ads or posts that created a negative image among users.


If the year 2020 has taught us anything it is that uncertainty is a part of life. And the trends mentioned above are by no means certain. Since social trends are constantly evolving, you need to be alert and ready at all times to strike when the trends are hot. Your best bet is to search for affordable SMO services near you so that you can work with marketing experts who will be able to help you build your brand engage the trends in your strategy in 2021.