SEO stands for search engine optimization. The main purpose of SEO is to get traffic from the free, organic, editorial and natural search results on the search engine.

In the coming year, the SEO is going to be enhanced in much more ways. Let’s take a look at some features.


Rank Brain and UX signals:

The rank brain plays an important role in giving the ranking to websites. It is a machine learning system which helps the search engine to sort the search results.

The rank brain simply deals with how users interact with the search results and rank them accordingly.

Rank Brain mainly focuses on two things:

  • Dwell time.
  • Click through rate.

What is a Dwell Time?

Rank Brain pays a lot of attention to Dwell time. Dwell time plays an important role in the ranking of search pages. Dwell time is the time someone spends on your page. If the Dwell time of users on a page is more. Then, the ranking of the page will increase.

What do you understand by “Click-through rate”?

Click through rate simply defines the number of the users clicked on a page to see if they can get what they have searched for. Click through rate sometimes ranks a page higher than it should rank.

Featured snippet:

A featured snippet is a summary of a user’s search on google, which is displayed on the top. It is the extracted part a webpage which is the main portion of that webpage.

There are three types of snippets, depending on the user’s query:

  • Paragraph
  • List
  • Table

To stand out of the search result, your website should be screaming, click on me. These snippets do that. By using snippets you can increase the CTR on your website much more.

Right now paragraph snippets are the most common snippets occupying 81.95% of all the featured snippets, and List snippets appearing in 10.77%, and 7.28% table snippets.

Comprehensive in-depth content:

In old days, Google used to look over the HTML of a page to check how many times keywords are used in a page.

In other words, Google was checking all the content on the page, and google spider used to visit the page to check if the keywords are available in:

  • URL
  • Title tag
  • Image ALT text
  • Description tag
  • H1 tag

The truth is, Google still do that, But the modern google is so much smarter than before. Now, Google focuses on the context of a page instead of the content.

So, a page should have a good quality of content. If you want to get your page on the top of the search results then the page should have comprehensive depth content, which covers all the information about the topic.

Due to the in-depth content, the users get all the details at one place, what they have searched for.

Mobile-First Index

Recently Google has confirmed that mobile sites are also the real version of a website. Google has said that right now 60% of the searches are coming from mobiles, so this mobile-first index becomes very important.

A website should be compiled with both, for a computer and a mobile also. So, managing of content plays a critical role in it.

How to make a page efficient for Mobile-First Index?

  1. Website content should be consistent for both mobile and computer.
  2. Hidden content on the mobile version of the website is totally ignored by Google. This is the one problem with Mobile-First Index.
  3. Ensure that the mobile version of your website fits with every feature discussed above. Whether it is RankBrain, snippets or other.

Optimize for Voice search

Voice search is on top of the list for SEO trends 2019. SEO in Singapore is mature now and agencies are now adding voice search in their SEO strategy.

As mobile searches have grown, voice searches have also been increased with time. More than half of adults do voice search once in a day and teenagers are not behind also.

By using voice-search, searchers get the point to point result of their searched topic because Google Assistant picks the snippet results, and this is the problem.

To ensure that you put the content on your website to catch up by the featured snippet. Once your content matches up with snippet results your website will automatically come in voice search results.

If the keywords in your website content don’t keep as featured snippets, still you can make voice assistant to show your website in the result. Let’s see how:

  • It’s obvious that most voice searches are based on questions. So, for that google picks up the result which has the question and the answer both.
  • You should put an FAQ section on your website, this will help voice search to search your website easily.

Create a Video Section

Start making practical videos of the content or solution, anything you’re providing on your website. Videos are the latest and new thing which is in trend, searchers like the content description in a video.

If you’re not sure how to and where to start from. Then YouTube is the best platform for this. You can create content description videos and upload it on YouTube and share the link of that video on your website.

Contents and links – key factors

We have discussed everything, but the most important factors in a website are still contents and links.

In fact, Google has recently said that the contents and links are still their 1st and 2nd priority to rank a website. So, make sure you provide a good and topic wise content on your page and the links also play a critical role on a website.