SEO and SMO are techniques which are used to drive traffic on to a particular site. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. SEO uses a search engine while the SMO uses social media for increasing the visitors and prominence of the content. While using Search Engine Optimization, the rules of the search engine should be strictly followed in order to boost organic search of your content and to achieve ideal ranking on the search engine results page. Whereas on the other hand, Social Media Optimization focuses on publicizing the content using social media to make it more visible. SEO highly focuses on Keywords while the prime focus of SMO is the content.


Detailed Definition of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an efficient technique for improving the ranking of the website on the search engine. It focuses on increasing the number of visitors on a website using the support of search engine rules. It is often seen that when you search for an unknown topic, you would always prefer the topmost results on your SERPs. His makes it extremely important for content to get in the top lists of the search engine. To attain this ideal position on the search engine results, SEO is used. There are certain rules which the rulers undertake to optimize their website according to the search engine. It is also important that the appearance and structure of the website must be effective as it also affects SEO.

In various cases, users also utilize SEO to optimize their official company website which would enable it to be found easily. In a competitive business environment, it proves to be an effective way to introduce and market a company by using a webpage. The core foundation of Search Engine Optimization is understanding the suitable keywords which are used for the website and can be used to search with search engines. These keywords are also essential in assisting the user to gain traffic by targeting the appropriate audience. The top SEO marketing companies enable you to enhance the feature of SEO in your functioning and assist you in boosting your performance.

Detailed Definition of SMO

Social Media Optimization is a method for promoting, broadcasting and making the content visible and available readily across third-party communities and networks with the use of social media in order to enhance profitability. The main essence of Social Media Optimization is that it efficiently improves the communication strategy.

SMO is when social media is optimized to help you promote your business, it can also be used in the branding of your product. There is also an option that the users get where that can use the Paid SMO service which is often termed as Social Media Marketing (SMM), in this they would be able to reach a wider array of audience on respective social media platforms by paying a nominal subscription fee.

At present there are several companies that provide you with the best SMO services, enabling you to take your organization to a totally different level. There are certain rules that SMO abides to which are to generate shareable content, simplify sharing, reward engagement etc.

The Key Differences in SEO and SMO

  • SEO brings users to the content using the rising position of the site’s content in the related search query in the SERPs. Whereas SMO brings content to the target users with the help of social media features.
  • SEO is an On-site as well as Off-site optimization, while SMO is only an Off-site optimization strategy.
  • The key components of SEO are the HTML code, keywords, design of the site. As against, in SMO the site’s look and content description are what has the most importance.
  • SEO functions using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. While SMO utilizes social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • When using the SEO process, the search engine has the authority to penalize a site if they use the keywords excessively. In contrast to SMO where there is no bar on the repetition of the focus message.

The Final Verdict

SEO and SMO both work for the same motive that is to generate and bring traffic to the site in order to advance credibility, building the brand and increasing profits. However, SEO is considered to be a process while you can say that SMO is a method. However, the measures undertaken by SEO and SMO are highly distinctive. The range of the target audience tends to get limited while using SMO, whereas SEO gives users a much wider perspective in regard of the target audience. That is what makes them dissimilar. Both these aspects play a huge role in the success of an organization and hence making it an important aspect. In the end, if you see it is important to focus on both SEO and SMO, as SMO allows you to connect with customers and potential customers on a personal level, while SEO enables your site to remain high in the search engine results.