When working for it day and night, who doesn’t like to stand out of the rest and reach out to millions? The most important and eye-catching thing a visitor accessing your website is the amount of speed it takes to open a website. Accelerated Mobile Pages, which are also known as the Google AMP, is a unique yet amazing initiative that is backed up by Google, which helps in designing mobile-friendly pages that helps in loading the pages instantly on the mobile devices. 

It was this new algorithm that gave perfect priority to the speed of the web pages on mobile devices. It was since the year 2016 when Google officially integrated this accelerated mobile page results into the mobile searchers of users all over the world. 

This feature of speed is not only attracted by the users visiting a page, but also by Google, which ultimately helps the ranking of the page in the search engine result page. Thus, it is said that the more you understand the benefits of the AMP software, the more can your business grow. So, understand the key things behind this AMP software, one should be aware of it all.

What Do you Understand By Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Though we already discussed a bit above, but if we talk in a bit technical manner then, AMP is basically an HTML 5 form of coding that helps the web publishers in creating pages that loads in a fraction of seconds. It is said that website having loading speed of somewhere around twenty to twenty-two seconds, often face an increase of bounce rates.

When a visitor is willing to read, watch or listen to a blog, video, or music, instantly and he gets it in front of him in the second, it surely makes up his mood. Thus, AMP being amazing software, helps in creating mobile-optimized content that loads instantly on all devices.

Why is AMP Crucial for All Marketers?

If you are willing to take your business to the top and reach out to millions, can’t afford to miss out on this viable part for their marketing strategy. It is crucial to understand that Google prioritizes the AMP in the search results, which is alone substantial for its significance. 

Thus, marketers new in the business or will to convert their business into a brand by tapping all the potential customers, AMP software is something they cannot neglect. The need for speed and attracting the audience is a must in these times. 

How Will Google AMP Affect SEO?

Though if we talk about AMP, it is nowhere directly linked with the search engine factor, but speed surely is. Speed of any page online is an important factor of the search engine ranking. And surely, the AMP will affect SEO in case your website is not at par when it comes to speed. 

By this, we actually mean to say that two sites with an accurate search engine optimization can surely rank at the same pace, but one with more loading speed can surely outstand. Thus, as AMP is all about boosting the speed and making the content instantly available to the users looking for it, it is immensely affected by the search engine optimization.

Are you Aware of the Limitation Of Google AMP?

Knowing about the software and not knowing its limitation is something that surely won’t go well. It is necessary for the users to understand that this Accelerated Mobile Pages Software by Google is mainly to create content readily available to all the users on-demand on any of their device. But is it free of cost? 

Being developed on a basic HTML 5 code, all the features are available on your website may not work with AMP. Though you can surely count on the speed of the pages having content, images or videos, however, the more advanced code is yet not compatible. And, in order to have them all, you require AMP-supplied JavaScript which might help you in making better use of it.

What is The Future of Google AMP?

Don’t you think that the future of any software depends on the amount of usage of the same by the users to whom it is available? Though already in used by many, the future of AMP is still uncertain to predict. Whether it is a great success or not, depends largely on how popular it has become, which can only be measured by the number of users using it for their websites. 

Till today, the features delivered by AMP are something that surely attracts the businesses and the individuals having their websites. In order to rank high on the search engine result page and reach millions, people from all over the world are using this AMP software is surely increasing.

So, now as you are more or less clear about the Accelerated Mobile Pages Software, you can do your business into a brand by reaching to your potential traffic.