As oxygen is essential for humans, likewise, keyword research is vital for SEO.

You can say that an atom is the smallest particle of any substance, equally keyword research is a fundamental part of digital marketing.

One can say that keyword research is the very first step toward a successful SEO campaign for your website. Keywords or search terms can be of one word or more than one word that you type in the search engine to find any desired topic.

Keywords are the medium that helps you in getting a targeted audience for your website. So one should try to choose the keyword that is relevant to their topic so that it can make their content popular and rank among the search engine.

If your keyword fails to attract the potential audience, then you will have to suffer a considerable loss. However, if you don’t want to incur a loss, you can go for professional SEO services offered by UnibizTec.

What is Keyword Research?

Keywords help you to unlock the door for your audience so that your website can be discovered online.

The words and phrases that people use while searching for anything in the search engine are called keyword research. Say, for example, if you have to find the list of best SEO company in India then you can enter either professional SEO company in India or famous SEO Company in India or simple SEO companies in India. The phrase or words entered by you will optimize the search result accordingly, and likewise, the content will revolve around that only.

Why are keywords important for SEO?

Have you ever heard this line ‘Optimizing the content with correct keywords will enable your website to rank higher and gain more traffic faster?’ Of course, this is not the first time. Keywords play a significant role in SEO; in short, it can make or even break your SEO strategy.

When you talk about the on-page SEO checklist, keywords are the most important term. With the help of better SEO keywords targeting, you can uplift your website ranking on Search engine results page. A well-organized website with perfect content gets higher ranking in the search engines for those keywords. If you do have optimized keywords in your content, then there are high chances of your website to hold a better position in the search results.

So, basically, the keyword is something that acts as the representative of your content and determines what your company is recognized for. With the usage of correct keywords, the content marketing team apprehends what content they need to market. You need to do proper keyword research, as it is the blueprint for the online marketing efforts, which drives the right amount of traffic to your site. For driving better traffic, sales, and ROI, you need to know which keywords are relevant and will be useful.

Suppose, you are choosing a keyword, which is not at all related to your niche and places it on your blog post, there is a very low possibility that the post will be ranked higher. In addition, you may lose some potential traffic and users will not ever turn back to your site. SERP notices all these, because of which you may lose overall ranking due to an increase in your site’s bounce rate. So, one of the most significant factors of SEO is to use the correct and relevant keywords. If you need further assistance with your keyword research, you can connect with the best SEO Company in India and speak to professional SEO strategists to understand the importance of keywords.

Types of keyword and its significance

As already discussed above, keyword research plays a symbolic role in Search Engine Optimization. It would not be odd to say if keywords were called the backbone of SEO. It is something that starts the search in the first place. Now, it doesn’t come easy; what keywords to use and how to use them in your piece of writing, so that it gets the maximum search results by the audience. To help you prepare for this situation, let’s discuss some different types of keywords in SEO and the roles they play.

Keywords can be divided into numeral parts, but only a few make on the top-priority list. If you master these, then for sure you can be on the top of your game. Let’s dig deeper into this one by one.

First, that makes in the list is ‘Short Tail keyword.’

Short tail keyword: A keyword that uses three words or less while you search for something on the internet. Let’s cite an example. Imagine you are going for a vacation to Dubai and wish to search for suitable hotels. Then your keyword research could be ‘Hotels in Dubai.’ This, in turn, will provide you with ample hotels to look for and satisfy your search. One can also call Short Tail Keyword with another name, ‘head terms.’ Mostly, whenever we search for something on Google, short tail keywords are something that strikes our mind at the first go. Some other examples that can be included are ‘home-cooked food’, ‘pizza delivery’, ‘best cake shops’ or more.

Second, that makes in the list is ‘Longtail keyword

Long-tail keyword- Now, reading the above paragraph and deducing from the information share; you must have guessed that the Longtail keyword would surely contain more than three words. They are specifically used when you are looking for targeted research, rather than having a broad overview. To support this with an example, let us say you wish to pursue a course in digital marketing and are looking for coaching classes in Gurgaon. Your keyword research could be ‘best digital marketing courses in Gurgaon.’ Here the search is more precise and more targeted.

Which type of keyword to use

Using either Long tail keyword or Short Tail keyword would depend solely on the kind of traffic (web traffic of course) you wish to drive to your website.

Let’s provide you with a comparison between the two, and you can make a judgment on your own.

Search Volume/Conversion rate

When it comes to ‘search volume’, short tail keywords play a notable role. However, when someone is looking for ‘high conversion rates’, then long-tail keywords can become your friend. A shorter keyword is directly proportional to a higher search volume rate on the search engine.


A long-tail keyword has to be quite competitive to stay in the market, whereas for Short tail keywords, the reward is generally on the higher front. For example, if you search for ‘pizza delivery’ in Google without mentioning any particular brand, then those companies which are recognized will surely top the charts.

Targeted research

When it comes to focus, a short tail keyword cannot provide targeted research if you have a clear idea in mind about what product to purchase and from where then in this case ‘Long tail keywords’ can act as your guide.


Now, you have an idea about what keywords are, how crucial a role they play in the search, and how important they are for your website. Depending on the kind of traffic you wish to draw in, you can choose between the types of keywords. Also, many professional SEO services help you in this matter by providing you with logical and practical guidance.