If you have prepared your YouTube channel and expect to get millions of views to your content without doing anything, something is extracted to make you understand. Creating and publishing high-quality content isn't a thing to promote your videos. To increase your YouTube channel viewers, you have to market and promote it. Promoting YouTube never seems a costly task for marketers or individuals. This article will help you to teach how to promote your YouTube channels. Detailed analysis and statistics show that 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube channels per minute. It means that 12,000 hours of videos are uploaded per day on YouTube. Your three-minute video will never get a single view though it's good enough to attract viewers because you haven't promoted it. A few introductory videos promoting tips are given below to get millions of views on your YouTube channels.

Methods to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free

YouTube is also similar to other social networking platforms that are constantly changing. Can you imagine the starting of YouTube and what you would have to get into its platform? Few funny videos were uploaded on YouTube in its starting days. YouTube. YouTube has become a prominent place for marketers, influencers, businesses, and brands in recent years. Now, 62% of businesses use YouTube to promote and market their products, services, books, ideas, etc. YouTube is an additional benefit for all types of marketing strategies. To use them effectively, use analysis methods for videos and subscribers for your channel without investing a lot of costs. So, it's essential to promote your YouTube channel for Free. Let's focus on five methods to promote your YouTube channels.

1- Prepare Content With Promotional Strategy

Even unique content is indeed useless if no one watches it. While another fact is that nobody wants to see bad content. So, it's the better strategy to upload your YouTube channel with promotional video content. People will watch faded content once and exit forever without engaging and exciting.

2- Get Together With Other Creators

Collaborate with other YouTube creators and influencers. Ally is quite simple between two creators or more. Two or more YouTube collaboration is beneficial to prepare an amazing video for each of their channels. To make it possible, find to reach out to other YouTubers with similar subscribers and pitch them to mix with you. Such cross-promotion will assist you both creators and bring superb jobs to stretch your approach.

3- Promote Your YouTube Channels on Social Media

Establish your presence on other social networking channels irrespective of YouTube by creating profiles on them. Select the other social media channels where your targeted audience likes to hang out. A few social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook share various ways to promote your YouTube channels without charging. You can simply post your YouTube video link on Facebook and ask viewers to subscribe after watching it. 2.6 billion users are engaged with Facebook across the world.

One billion monthly active users are engaged with Instagram, and almost 60% of those users are between the 13-34 age category. Let's go through some social media tips to promote your YouTube video on Instagram.

  • Move to A business or creator account

Any user can go to a business or creator Account on Instagram. First, you have to move to profile settings, select Account, and select add new professional Account. This process unlocks your business tools like analytics and then moves to the next procedure given below.

  • View your Analytics

Your Instagram analytics tool will provide insights into how your content is performing and who your audience is. Use such information to learn what your followers like to prepare and publish extra content.

  • Become Undeviating

Suppose you want to promote your YouTube channel on Instagram, show an active presence on the platform. Post regularly on your Instagram at the same time that you have posted before a new post.

4- Utilize YouTube SEO

Search Engine Marketing is the simplest way to promote your YouTube channel without paying any charge. The prominent search engine after Google is YouTube, in which a huge amount of searches are performed per month. Use YouTube SEO to promote other search engines by putting perfect keyword headings on your videos' headlines, tags, video descriptions, etc.

  • Keywords

Use various YouTube keyword tools to find the best keywords which your target audience loves to search. With a perfect keyword, you can prepare the relative and appropriate content and optimize it.

  • Videos Title

Use a short and eye-catching title for your videos of almost 66 characters. Analyze the best trending and crispy video title so that you can get millions of searches on Google and other search engines.

  • Tags

Tags will quickly explain YouTube Algorithm about video content and its whole purpose. Add relevant tags to your brand and content because irrelevant content won't rank your video higher. Because once viewers watch irrelevant content other than taggings, viewers will exit quickly, and YouTube Algorithm will rank your video according to viewers' bounce rate.

5- Create A Community

Preparing your YouTube content will symbolize you as an authority for your purpose and industry. It means creating a group on your platform. A smart way to start allying with your viewers is via SMO services by replying to their comments and sharing some interesting topics that add value to your life.


We hope that you can now promote your YouTube channel without paying any charge. Your YouTube channels are full of videos, your viewers are claiming for more. To put your YouTube videos in the high-search range, you must use paid and strong marketing statistics for promotion. Suppose you are out of budget, use the above methods to promote your YouTube channels without paying any charge.