Living in the cyber age where guests would feel delighted at the idea of free wifi than a pizza is a zany truth. It makes you understand the prevalence of social media amidst the advancement of technology. Whether you have a personal or business account on social media channels, you must have understood the importance of social media engagement by now. That's because time has taught you that social media interaction drives growth as well as web traffic. 

However, if you are still oblivious to the significance of social media engagement, then dive into this ocean of social media strategies or awareness that can catapult your business growth. Here's how:

1.    Perfect Timing for posting on Social Platforms
It is essential to figure out the suitable Timing to post on your social media channel that gets the most traffic and reaction from the audience. As you know, most people wake up to social media newsfeed in recent times, and if your post is published ahead of time, it can get maximum reactions from them. 

Though the best time is believed to be during morning hours between 9 am to 10:30 am. While posting around 1pm would see your post getting more shares, while the best time to get more clicks would be around 3pm. Keeping in mind, these time frames can get you more traffic on your profile as well as your website.

2.    Check the use of tagging and hashtags
Check whether you're using the tagging feature smartly. You can use the "@" for tagging companies, people, writers, influencers, thought leaders and so on. This will prove to be a successful social media tactic to boost engagement that gets more clicks.

Try to tag people who wouldn't be offended or disregard being mentioned in your post lest you might run the risk of getting blocked. Ergo, you have to be picky and cautious about tagging a random stranger even though its a celebrity or business profile.

Now coming to hashtags, people might overlook the importance of this aspect or might just abuse the use of this tool. Avoid using too many hashtags, as it can either make you look like a wannabe or a spammy profile.  The audience tends to steer clear of posts with a semblance of "spam-bots". The best thing about hashtags is the versatility because they can be used on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. At times, people are astonished to find that not many Facebook or LinkedIn users utilize hashtags when creating a post on their social media platform. Hashtags have great potential to drive more traffic to your website and business profile. All you need to do is use the relevant hashtagssuitable for the specific niche to rake in the targeted audience. 

3.    Enter more text in the status sections
Type more text in the status section and the rest of the content like emojis or web links that make your post clickable by showing the "see more" option after publication.Try to use long-form content with some whitespace using informative, engaging and interesting lines. Make sure your copy intrigues the reader and keeps them glued until the last sentence to amp up your social media platform's engagement. 
Twitter has increased its character count; Facebook and LinkedIn were already allowing the same. Make the most of character space.Search engines have already proved that long-form content is a superhit, just like blogs. You don't need to write long-form content all the time but compose engaging content that gets the desired reaction from your targeted audience.

4.    Constant social media interaction and activity
When you are on a social media platform, make sure you are constantly liking, sharing and commenting on the posts you follow or those who follow you. Makeyour presence felt by sharing your reactions to the content you see over the newsfeed. It encourages those people to follow your profile and gets you noticed in the eyes of the glitterating. 

This step is very important if you're a social seller or are doing employee advocacy, even for brand accounts as well. If it is your company handle, the same measure applies to it. The more you start engaging with the audience, people you follow or leaders in your industry, the more your profile stands out of the crowd, and you never know your business account could end up getting featured in the newsfeed someday. 

5.    The sentiments behind emojis

Have you noticed that sentences with emojis attract a lot of attention and quick response?Those emails you tend to notice the most contains emojis to lure you in.Earlier, people took emojis lightly and saw their use as unprofessional. However, now they seem to be unavoidable and make your content stand out.

At times, it helps to use emojis to make your points pop up by lending your own unique style to your posts or personality. If you're using bullet points, try to put checkmark emojis instead to spruce up the post. 

6.    Get more, do more with social media 
You can do so much with social posts and content than just sharing, liking or commenting on somebody's profile. You can try to create a potpourri of the content you share.Create gifs, statuses, images without links using specific sources,repurpose a blog into a short video offering helpful information to the audience. The content must be repurposed and shared in numerous ways on several social networks. 

Whether you are practising social selling, brand advocate and building your social thought leadership or handling your organization's social account- it will be crucial to boosting social media engagement. You can mix the abovementioned tricks of social media engagement to amp up your business growth. Please share with us the tactics you are using to enhance your social media engagement, as we're all ears.